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  1. Either way I'd take the 6 rated general with 5 xp over the 8 rated green general any day. Covet those 5xp generals and they will look after you well
  2. The AI is beatable at all levels but it can be hard when you first start. Read through some of the strategy articles on this forum and you will improve your performance. A couple of tips to get you started (apologies if you are already past this stage in your development as a player): 1) Playing Axis: Keep an eye on unit supply going below 5, low supply can seriously hamper your troop's performance in battle. 2) Playing Allies: Don't be too aggressive early on... pick your fights and be prepared to give ground rather than use up too many mpps. Good luck.
  3. Hear hear! There's nothing wrong with Jap imho.... I would never be insulted by Brit, Pomme or Limey... even though at least two of those were originally meant as insults. Lets just stay calm and have a little perspective here, folks. Unless one of our 'turnip headed' :eek: (A Chinese slang term for the Japanese apparantly!) brethren would like to step up and say otherwise....?
  4. It was a great series. I was actually in the middle of designing the Guadalcanal scenario when it came on in the UK on the Military History Channel. It was useful to confirm much of the research I had already done on the confrontation.
  5. The AI selects the troops nearest to the friendly position you set in the script. It is possible to have amphibs in the water at the start but you will have to ensure they are closest to the initial friendly position otherwise the AI will assign other units to the script.
  6. Anyone who uses the editor to create their own versions of these games is due maximum respect as far as I am concerned. Bill has answered all your questions far better than I ever could but I just wanted to add some encouragement to a potential future modder. Good luck to you, sir! I look forward to trying out some of your scenarios in the future... the editor is the bee's knees IMHO. Time invested in it is time well spent.
  7. You are probably not at war with the Japanese yet so you cannot invade. Russia starts off as 'neutral' which mimics the non-aggression pact Japan and Russia had since 1939. Russia will eventually join in by itself but you can spend mpps in the diplomacy screen to try and speed the process along.
  8. Same here... I use the overview map and look for the blinks.
  9. Top settings for vets to be sure. You'll enjoy the challenge.
  10. I think the rest of us will get on just fine without a US of A... heck, we managed quite well before you existed so I am sure we'll cope after you're gone. Let's just hope that we never have to find out though, eh?
  11. To be honest I haven't seen much in the way of a change with this "credit crunch"... I guess it depends on where your income comes from. "mass spread anarchy" is a little over the top imho. Getting back on topic for a sec, I know that whenever this gets released you guys are going to love it
  12. 1) Did you change the name of the silhouettes file? 2) Did you change the dimensions of the file? 3) Does the file still exist? 4) Have the silhouettes just changed position or have they changed shape? 5) Have you lost the custom silhouettes and now only see the default ones? Your request is a little unclear to me and without the full story it is difficult to say what the problem is.
  13. Cheers, Blashy, I would like to but cash is pretty tight at the moment. In addition it would mean opening up the PC as I can't remember how many pins my memory cards are. Maybe when the next holiday comes around I will get it done. As SC2 is the most demanding piece of software I currently have it's not a priority. Buying new brake discs for the Alfa, on the other hand.....
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