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Two New Scenarios

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In-between working on other things, I managed to get these done. Both are for CMAK, the first is based in Italy.

Title: San Pietro

Type: Allied Assault

Date: Dec 15th, 1943

Location: Sam Pietro, along Route 6

Region: Italy

Weather: Night, Overcast, Wet Hilly Terrain

Terrain: Dirt

Wind: Breeze from the N

Turns: 70+

Best Played as: Best played as Two Player, or as Allied against the AI.

Author: Tim 'Rune' Orosz

Background: San Pietro sits on the Southside of Monte Sammucro, overlooking the valley between itself and Monte Lungo. In this valley was Route 6, a direct route through the Mountains to Cassino.

With the Allies holding Monte Maggiore, and Monte Rotondo, both which over-looked Monte Lungo, little opposition was expected by the Germans. The Germans had other plans, with the village only accessible from 2 trails, the approached were well guarded. With the commanding height of the village, the Germans had a great observation point to stop the Americans from advancing down Route 6.

29 November brought the first assault against San Pietro. Rangers of the 3rd Ranger Battalion were to advance and take the town, but if they met heavy opposition, to withdraw under the cover from the 36th Infantry Division. On the approach in the valley, the Rangers met heavy German Artillery, one of the few times of the war where they met the Allied Artillery gun for gun, and were forced to withdraw.

The second assault was now being planned, with guidance from General Clark himself. Tanks from 1st Armoured Division were to support the assault from the 36th Infantry Division. The assault was planned for night, hoping to catch the Germans off-guard. It was not to be...

Semi-Historical, about 6200 points.


The U.S. Army and World War II, Center of Military History, United States Army

The second is a slightly redone scenario from CMBO:

Title: The Bridges of Le Muy

Type: Meeting Engagement

Date: August 16th, 1944

Location: Le Muy

Region: France

Weather: Day, Clear, Town

Terrain: Dirt

Wind: Breeze from the SE

Turns: 35+

Best Played as: Best played as Two Player

Author: Tim 'Rune' Orosz

Background: The invasion of Southern France, coded as Operation Anvil, and later Dragoon, had been planned but put on the back burner. Once the Allies were found to be tied up in the hedgerow country of Normandy, the delayed plan was once back into effect on 24 June 1944.

Allied forces landed on 15 August against light defenses. Th3rd Infantry Division, a veteran of Anzio, started immediately inland having learned what happened if too conservative at Anzio.

Task Force Butler moved to take Le Muy, and the nearby bridges there. The German 148th Infantry Division rushed to setup any kind of defensive line to hold the Allies back.

The two columns collided at the Bridges of Le Muy, and the first fierce German résistance in the south of France was about to take place.

Semi-Historical, about 4000 points.




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And a third I do not think I released earlier.

Title: Written Off

Type: Allied Assault

Date: November 30th, 1942

Location: Oudna Airfield, Tunisia

Region: Africa

Weather: Day, Clear, Airfield

Terrain: Dirt

Wind: Breeze from the SW

Turns: 45+

Best Played as: Best played as Two Player, or as Allied against the AI. AI should be free to place.

Author: Tim 'Rune' Orosz

Background: After the Bruneval Raid, 2nd Parachute Battalion of the British 1st Airbourne Division found itself shipped to Africa aboard ships. 2 Para was led by Lt-Colonel Gofton-Salmond, who fell ill and was replaced by Lt-Colonel John Frost, who would later become even more famous at Arnhem.

Two drops were scheduled, and cancelled as the situation kept changing. On November 27th, the Battalion was placed on stand-by for an airdrop. The plan was to assault the airfield at Pont du Fahs then move north to the airfield at Depienne, destroying both. Since both airfields were within 25 miles of Tunis, it was also hoped to throw the German Forces into confusion.

Immediately before takeoff on 29 November, Frost was informed there were no aircraft at either airfield, and they would need to attack the airfield at Oudna, 12 miles to the North of Depienne. Frost was to pick a drop zone near Depienne from the air in the lead aircraft.

They dropped near Depienne, and the landing was unopposed, however, it was spotted by a German Patrol which sent the alert out. The injured were left at the drop zone, along with a platoon to pack away the parachutes and equipment containers. The rest of the Battalion marched out into the night and cold to reach the airfield.

Mid-day on the 30th, they reach a ridge near the airfield. Scouts report only a single wrecked aircraft on the field. C Company moved to attack from the West and A Company and the rest of the Battalion moved up over the ridge to the attack...

Semi-Historical, about 1200 points. [Forces are real, could not find an accurate enough map]



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San Pietro, huh? Is that the one that I play tested for you, that when I told you I barely, barely squeeked out a victory, you immediately DOUBLED the enemy's forces?

Are the other two scenarios as wildly unbalanced as this one?

Oh wait... what am I saying? They're Rune scenarios. That's the very definition of unbalanced.

Are you supplying Dramamine patches with these scenarios?

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Rune, I've played two of these a while back. I thought Written Off, the battle at the airfield, was terrific and a difficult struggle for both sides. It's a perfect situation of having to move your attacking infantry across open ground in bounds while using covering fire on the defenders. The Bridges at LeMuy became a stalemate for a while until my gamey Allied opponent shot up my hapless German armor and rushed a tank across one of the bridges. GRRRRR!! I'm still disgusted with letting that happen. :mad: redface.gif

Definitely recommended, but players who get their jollies by crushing the AI in "fair fights" will have all kinds of problems against a human player - and maybe even against a <font size=1>penguin</font>. :D:D

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Sivodsi, you will have to send me your emai address. Cannot send an attachment here.

Boo, you Barney Fife want-a-be, of course i adjusted it, if YOU could manage to win, the play balance HAD to be off.

Kingfish, thank ye sir, but got someone who was going to do it for me. Many thanks however.

DaveH, excellent oint, guys these were made with two player in mind. All were sent out this evening.


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Originally posted by Blazing 88's:

Steve Overton,

For some reason your uploads at SD, of rune's scenarios', are giving me a error page upon trying to download them. Other scenarios are downloadable. Just an FYI.

Yes, I saw that they didn't take the files the first time. That should be fixed. I reloaded them this evening and they worked for me. His third scenario is posted now as well.


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