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  1. The scenarios for the tournament will also allow a designer to make a scenario that is not restricted by points but by size. Up to a battalion on each side. With 10 vehicles counting as a company. Support weapons and engineer obstaccles/fortifications not counting in the total. So whether you want 2 companies of King Tigers and Company of PG, or 3 companines of recon infantry the scenario will be good. Points is not the issue but the number of units in the fight. Since normal support weapons like LMG, Snipers, HMG, etc....belong to a company sized unit they will not be counted either. No
  2. King of the Hill 2 Tournament Scenarios Here you go, you great CM scenario designers, all the specifics about the contest. All scenarios must be new. No scenarios that have been posted to public sites will be accepted. This is simply so that all players see the scenarios for the first time in the tournament. No more than 40 turns and the turn limit being set to a specific number not variable ending. No larger than a battalion per side. I don't care how you mix and match, I want no more than a battalion, that is 3 companies, per side! I consider 10 vehicles to be a company. All s
  3. Scenario Submissions for The Proving Grounds tournament, The King Of The Hill 2: The scenarios should not be larger than a battalion per side. However you want to mix that up you can. Engineer fortifications do not count towards that. There is no point total that we are looking for.. just scenarios that are not too big and will play on most machines. No longer than 40 turns and the turn limit set not variable. The designer can change that later if they want. The scenarios for the tournament will be picked by a panel of 10 judges. If you're interested in being a judge let me know.
  4. Gee, you're welcome. I'm in the middle of the first one. Trying to do the exit.
  5. I would recommend to you that you number your scenarios and identify the series in some way. That would avoid all confusion about which scenarios belong where and which ones should be played in what order. For instance: JC U1 Opening Day Your scenarios, your Operation Uranus series scenario one and then the name. [ May 14, 2006, 07:02 AM: Message edited by: Panther Commander ]
  6. Looks good. Lining up some opponents now. Trying to decide if I should play them all with the same person or branch out some...decisions, decisions, decisions...
  7. There was no readme file attached to the scenario. Not sure if you overlooked adding it or if you intended the players get it directly from you. The other possibility is that it is included with the pack. But since you have the scenarios listed separately on TPG the readme file is not present. Just a heads up. Nothing to get excited about. I want to play them in order for you so that you get the progression of PT's in the same order that you put it together.
  8. Okay, I'll start there. What is the order of the scenarios? I am assuming that they follow an order but that it doesn't necessarily have to be followed. When I did the 3rd Armored Division scenario campaign I made each a stand alone scenario even though they represented a progression of the division through the war. Is that the case with your operations as well?
  9. Jason, sorry if this has been posted someplace and I missed it; What is the order of your scenario packs? As far as I can see they aren't given an identifiable order. I would like to play the first one in the either the 1st SS or the 5th GTA. Do you need a playtest on either of them more than the other? I'll be glad to give one a H2H run through. If you have no particular one that needs it I will more than likely do the 5th GTA.
  10. I have done that very thing with my 3rd Armored Division series. It was so well recieved that I have some other divisions now in the process of being done that way. I think you'll like the results of a scenario campaign.
  11. Did the British, Canadian and Polish tanks use a similar device as the Cullen device the Americans adopted to move through the hedgerows? The 21st Army Group AO was much less congested with hedgerows as the Americans faced but there was some hedgerow terrain to be advanced through.
  12. If you do a search for them by title and author you may find them used. There is another Soviet memoir that I particularly like..."The End of the Third Reich" by V.I. Chuikov, Marshal of the Soviet Union This book is more than likely out of print as well but it would be worth the time and effort to track it down. Good luck on your search.
  13. I have used the books in the series for scenarios. I don't use them for primary sources of information if there are other sources but they are often fairly accurate on German forces. They aren't normally too accurate on Allied forces mentioned in the accounts. No maps and a complete lack of any reference or research material makes them next to impossible to use as the basic source of a historical scenario though.
  14. Actually a concern for me would be that I have uploaded newer versions of most of my work that used to be on the old Scenario Depot. If you upload it now it may overwrite the files I have that are the upgraded versions. I'd rather we didn't do that.
  15. I am doing as George Mc. I am going through all my old scenarios. Those that are good enough are being posted. Those that aren't are either being upgraded or will not be posted at all. If you post my old scenarios on the site will I be able to delete them? That would allow you to go ahead and load the entire spreadsheet and I can delete any of mine that were at the old site. If I won't be able to delete them, then I don't want them loaded to the site in the first place. Most, if not all, of them need to be reworked to my current standards.
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