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An unusual anti-tank weapon


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From the book, Burma the Turning Point by MG Ian Grant

....Among the equipment abandoned by the Japanese were some curious items. These were glass globes, filled with liquid cyanide, and packed in pairs in padded wooden boxes. They were designed to be thrown at tanks. Although never used in this sector one thrown by a soldier of 15th Division knocked out a (British) tank north of Imphal.

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Originally posted by Michael Emrys:

Another favorite of theirs was to put a soldier in a hole with a bomb or a shell and a hammer. When the tank rolled over him, he was supposed to hit the fuse on the shell blowing the tank up...and himself, of course.


Wouldn't AT mines have been a whole heck of a lot easier?

Japanese Commander: "You! Soldier! Take this bomb, hammer and shovel over to that patch of ground. Dig a whole, jump in, cover yourself with leaves and when a tank comes by, hit the bomb with the hammer!"

Soldier: ".......the hell???"

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Originally posted by Mr. Tittles:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Ypsilon:

This anti tank/bunker gas-grenade called "shrimp" among Japanese Army. Produced from 1940.



They used chemical weapons? If that was the c ase, clearing caves and bunkers and whole (not hole) islands may have been easier for the US. </font>
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Originally posted by Lucho:

The site Ypsilon provided has even some funny, weird



Look out for some anime (manga) dolls reenacting some battle scenes or close assaulting tanks with mines! :D

Yes, it is rather odd, I am slightly turned on after seeing those sailor-moon-ish dolls in weird poitions with a bipod machinegun! :D
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