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**FOUR PzIII J mods for CMAK ONLY!!**

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Because someone requested more CMAK mods:

-Afrika Korps PzIII J (short) early

-Afrika Korps PzIII J (short) late

-Afrika Korps PzIII J (long) early

-Afrika Korps PzIII J (long) late

At our favorite site:


Based on my earlier European yellow and CMBB grey PzIIIs, here's a batch of heavily worn N.A. tan PzIII Js. A lot of the paint has been sandblasted off showing a good deal of either original grey color or base metal - you decide which. One of 'em I held my nose and added a hated Nazi flag as an air recognition marker. Here's the cmmods.com screenshots:

PzIII J long late

pzIII J long early

PzIII J short late

PzIII J short early

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Originally posted by Earl Grey:

Amazing, as always. If you were a woman, I´d propose instantly.

The benefit of living in The Netherlands. Mikey, will you be my husband? :D;) They are, as usual, awesome.

And Aris, if you are hanging about here, your Rolls Royce is mighty fine too. Really like all your more subdued mods. You are allowed to announce them, you know. ;)

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Okay, for those of you who are tactical number phobic, I've re-uploaded my PzIII J (long) early with the plain alt. turret sides included this time. If you don't need those alts there's no reason to redownload, it's otherwise the same mod.

[ June 14, 2005, 09:20 AM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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