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Hello, I was thinking about setting up a double elimination tournament. If interested go here- Link. There are more instructions list at the Link listed above.

This tourney solely depends on your intrest. The more the better, even if you think your the worst or you think your above the tournamet scene, give it a look. Anyway heres the link again Link.

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Right now it looks as though it will be done along the lines of Holiens “Luga Breakthrough” tourney.

That was a multi-scenario tournament where at the end of each scenario the Allied player with the best score played the Axis player with the best score in the next scenario, the second best played the second best, etc.

So after the first round if you do poorly as the Axis player you would face an Allied player who did just as poorly in the next round.

Kind of evens things out.

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Originally posted by Lou2000:

Hmmmmmmm .......

I've been away from CMxx and the fourm's for a good few months now, but this looks like a good enough reason to dust off my copies of CMBB/CMAK.

Might be a bit rusty ..... still every tournament needs some 'easy meat' !!

Lou I hope all is well and it is good to see you posting again.

I hope we can catch up with you this year.



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