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  1. If you've seen Band of Brothers (and who here hasn't), Carwood Lipton gets hit by one of these in the episode "Carentan" IIRC.
  2. Damn, reckon I'll have to look this movie up - looks the goods!
  3. Simple question - how big is the download? Here in the land of Oztraya our interweb is made up tin cans and bits of string and our internet companies give us maximum amounts of data we can download each month - in my case 12GB/month peak time (12pm-12am) and 24GB/month off peak time (12am-12pm). Hence, if the game is 10gigs or so in size I gotta wait till midnight rather than blowing my cap on it now.
  4. Found it to be the other way myself, played through Busting the Bocage last night as Germans at difficulty level warrior and by the time I got down to 20 mins it was all over bar the shouting. Just had to keep pressing the go button and fast-forwarding through the minute until it finally ended. Tactical victory for what it's worth.
  5. This one had me in tears, christ that's funny.
  6. At a guess, start whatever scenario you wish to play (whoever is hosting) select 2 player TCP/IP - it will give you your IP Address, give the address to your mate, he selects join network game and punches in your IP - and if all is good and well with your firewalls and routers you should be blowing the crap out of each other in no time!
  7. I was figuring that they used the CMx1 voices due to the rush to get this demo out the door - y'know, before the refresh monkeys did themselves an injury or somfink.
  8. I want a house made out of whatever kind of wood the trees are in this game, they can take hit after hit of sherman and panzer fire and come back for seconds! Really though it's kind of comical when you have a Sherman on one side and a Panther on the other busily trying to nail each other and there's a bloody tree in the middle holding up the whole damn war! BTS fix or do somfink? Or is it hardcoded? That aside I'm enjoying the demo, outstanding graphics and detail - even the insides of the tanks are modeled! Still getting used to the controls (coming straight from CMx1) and the TacAI do
  9. I'd say the limiting factor would be your computers hardware, not the game engine itself?
  10. Signing in. So... I hear there's sposed to be a new game released sometime soon(ish)?
  11. ...or as always happens, said robot vehicles will become self aware and seek revenge on their lazy human masters relaxing in air conditioned comfort and sinking ice cold beers. No good shall come of this!
  12. Seconded, don't be downhearted if there are a few "elitist" bad eggs on this board - well meaning though they may be, getting out and spending some time in the real world would do wonders for their attitude. I'm more of a DoD2 player myself, and more recently BF2 - the latter very unrealistic of course, but damn good fun!
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