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Bundle pack or just CMAK?


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Okay. I've played both demos extensively. Based on my experiences, I think I like CMAK better. The infantry model seems slightly different to me; though just as likely to pin and retreat as in CMBB, the CMAK infantry doesn't seem to break as easily. Also seems to me like the CMAK infantry is more likely to recover from a state of panic.

For instance, in Yelnia Stare playing as Russians: when the Germans bring down artillery, my infantry seem to break very, very easily, and not just the green and conscripts soldiers. In contrast, I was playing Line of Defense, and the Germans somehow managed to bring down artillery fire on two of my platoons that were crossing a wheatfield(the one behind the ridge overlooking the town). My soldiers hit the dirt and crawled for cover, but didn't even panic, much less break or route.

In any case it seems that soldiers are less likely to break in CMAK, which feels more realistic to me. For my troops to hit the dirt and head for cover feels right; for them to break simply because they were under fire for an extended period of time(and didn't even take casualties) doesn't.

So then, my question: are my perceptions somewhat correct, or are the two actually pretty much the same, with the only difference being that in the CMAK demo scenarios there is more cover?

If I'm right, I'll probably only buy CMAK; if you guys tell me otherwise, I may reconsider and go for the bundle pack.

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The CMBB demo was not that good from a scenario perspective. Not really a good indicator of how great the game is. Personally, I love the Eastern Front. CMAK has some definite improvements but I feel they are small in the scheme of things. I'd go with the bundle pack. It will give you a good change of pace and I think you will like CMBB.

Just my two cents.

Happy CMing!

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I chose the bundle pack for two reasons:

1) I thought that I would probably want CMBB eventually, so I saved $17 by ordering the bundle (bundle cost = $60 + $7 = $67; cost for both individually = $35 + $7 + $35 + $7 = $84).

2) With the bundle, I got the printed manual for CMBB, which also covers most of what is in CMAK (which has only a PDF manual).

Can't address your question re infantry behavior, as so far I have been playing only CMAK, not CMBB.

Lt. Badger

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If you are interested in Eastern Front, take the bundle pack i would say.

Its nice to play with all those Russian units, especially all the armored units smile.gif

The patches solve most problems,there are a few minor things left like Redwolf allready wrote.

I play both at the moment, and i like both much.


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CMAK and CMBB operate the same -- same commands, etc. -- but really do play quite differently. Neither is 'better' than the other (though CMAK has benefitted from that extra year of experience in producing a more polished product). There is a HUGE difference in feel between fighting with early T34s and KV heavy tanks over snowy steppe terrain and directing your Lees and Shermans through desert villages. Buying both does not mean getting one inferior and one superior product. They definitely compliment each other and its well worth the money to get both.

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Get the bundle... I did, and I'm very glad I did. Both games are excellent.

Aren't the Russian infantry mostly conscripts in Yelnia Stare? They're likely to break at the sound of a gnat's fart.

**Sorry, I noticed where you mentioned it wasn't just the conscripts right after I posted this**

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