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Mod Preview(s)!


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The SPW 250/11 halftrack for CMAK. I'm showing it here in CMBB because it doesn't look so hot in the CMAK demo with the downsampling due to my old PCI video card.



Hope this makes those who always whine about the vehicles not looking weathered enough happy :D . Crew is wearing faded version of the DAK uniform mod. Not ready for release cause it's not perfect yet :rolleyes:

Also on deck: the SPW 250 Neu series for CMBB and most likely CMAK. Here's a taste of the 250/1




This also needs a touch more work. More stuff to come soon...

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Originally posted by Warmaker:

The DAK emblem does give it a little flair, doesn't it? Well, except for the swastika ;)

Yeah... the "smiley face" version isn't ready yet. tongue.gif

Thanks for the comments, everyone. This is basically my CMBB SPW 250 mod with "Afrika Braun" overpaint and some weathering. And in case you're wondering why I don't add more weathering to mods: this was a royal pain in the butt to do. Not difficult, but time-consuming. The results look great though, I have to admit.

The whole SPW 250 series is more or less ready to go. I'll probably also adapt the K├╝belwagen and some SPW 251s. There are rumors of an American uniform mod, too. Stay tuned. smile.gif

I'm pretty excited to see what other modders have in the wings.

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