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  1. I still can't believe the Grogs on this board, who by far are more of an expert than me, still haven't announced the correct answer to "What is the Greatest Tire of WWII." Obviously, it is whatever the Finnish troops used. Next to that, whatever Ninjas decide to use, should they ever need one.
  2. It's so my Waffen SS Panzerhamstertruppen don't turn the lights on in a fight.
  3. The previous posters have got it but one thing to really remember is that this 128mm PaK has an atrocious traversing speed. It's even more imperative to engage targets at long range because of this. That and the gun's friggin' huge! It's like hiding an elephant in your bathtub.
  4. Your PzKpfw IV's look good. As already mentioned by another I think there are more III mods than IV's for CMBB.
  5. A salute to both sides in the incident. The Germans were damn persistent but the Russians fought it out until the very end. Edit to add: You know you've got a tough tank if you don't bother shooting another AFV and decide to run it over. There's a good pucker factor for the panzers that were used as Decoy Boy
  6. The DAK emblem does give it a little flair, doesn't it? Well, except for the swastika
  7. I've got a new computer and have started modding CMBB again. I know before the great CM Moddatabase crash of 2003 they had Nightcrawler's soundmodpack but it's not in the new uploads yet. Is there anywhere that's posted it? Any help appreciated.
  8. I have no problem with the number of turns for a defender or attacker. You can only take advantage of time if you know what to do with it regardless of what side of the coin you're on. You can say an attacker gains an advantage with many turns to employ an elaborate plan. The same can be said for a defender in ensuring units fall back to supplemental/alternate fighting positions. He can also use a bit of that extra time to figure if NOW is the right time to employ a crushing counterattack.
  9. One thing going for later war situations in CMBB with the Tiger is the turret front since it's reinforced. Hull-down Tigers can still be a pain in the rear.
  10. Nicest Panthers I've seen since Fernando's IMO. It'll be great to see your work over in CMBB. My overpriced hamsters need new rides!
  11. Wait until CMModDatabase comes back up. Then he'll just be another ModSlut too. "What grass is that anyways?"
  12. JasonC's recommendations are good to follow up on. If cost is a factor for you then well placed HMG's and mortars to support your riflemen will carry you well. 105mm artillery will carry well if you can get any but 81mm mortars should do the trick in pinning the Soviets. If the situation allows, having trenches, barbed wire, and mines helps.
  13. The front hull isn't reinforced like the manlet so it still is vulnerable for late war purposes. Beware the hull-down Tiger I though. Even more in CMBB.
  14. Nice work Andrew, your uniform mods are SOP for both CMBO & CMBB. Say, since I like playing the Waffen SS, does that make me a Filippino Nazi?
  15. Wow, less than 100m? You should have punched through the Tiger I with the '85. Flank the suckers but if you must engage frontally make sure you have more guns firing vs his. Have some infantry around to button the tanks up. You'll get some precious seconds since it takes longer to acquire targets buttoned up.
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