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*** ACCURATE StuG IIIG (mid) Mod w Zimmerit and alt. side skirts!***

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This Stug is the one vehicle important enough to the war to get right:

StuG IIIG (middle) with full Zimmerit coating and ACCURATE side skirts

Get it at our favorite site,


Once again this Stug is based on my old CMBB Stug Pack mod and has been thoroughly reworked for CMAK. This mod offers convincing running gear, an accurate (and attractive) coating of Zimmerit anti-magnetic paste, and also side skirts in the correct pattern of 4 panels across instead of five.

If that's not enough to get you interested I've also supplied two alternate side skirt bmps besides the full set: (A) a partial two panel set with hanger hardware seen in place of the missing panels, and (B) a set without panels and only the hanger hardware showing.

This mod's in plain yellow which is accurate for the Italian theater, and I invite others to paint it in any number of camou schemes with my full permission.

Here's a screenshot:


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That mod looks great! Especially the Zimmeritt and the partial/damaged skirts. What program do you use to make those mods? And do you stretch the side-view BMPs by a specific percentage so the AFV is not "scrunched" while you make the mod? If so, what percentage do you use - or do you just stretch and shrink and eyeball till it looks right? Finally, how do you return the BMP to its original size without getting the pink background showing up along the edges of the spokes and wheels in the game? I hope this makes sense, as these are problems I keep running into when trying to work with my leafy foliage mod. It'd help if there was an AFV modding tutorial out there that I've yet to find ...

And on that note, may I use your mod for my leafy foliage, once I iron out the wrinkles?

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Quick reply:

Mostly I work on it while 'scrunched', I've done so many mods i'm used to it that way by now. But on rare occassion like when I'm doing from-scratch wheels I work on it stretched out (til the round bits are actually round - every bmp is different) and when I'm done I contract it back to the proper pixels wide (256, 512, 128, etc.)

I work in Photoshop. I LOOOOVE Photoshop. i get around problems with 'pinkies' around the knockout by converting the knockout magenta to dark grey before modifying, then reapplying a new knockout layer after I'm done. you just can't salvage a knockout layer if you're distorting the image.

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Have you tried registering at www.cmmods.com?

Originally posted by John Kettler:


While it's awfully kind of you to post a link, it's a bit offputting to be confronted with a password screen. Somewhat cancels the link's utility! Could you please post a small screenshot if there's no workaround for the password?


John Kettler

[ April 09, 2004, 06:28 AM: Message edited by: Wicky ]

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