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T-35s in CMBB?

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If you are loking forward to crappy multi-turreted tanks then you should be happy with CMAK. The Italian main battle tank before the M13,M14 and M15 was a tin can known as the M11/39. This is SLIGHTLY better than the CVs but it was slow, had a low velocity 37mm gun set in the hull along with a breda MG in a one man turret. Almost all of these tanks were lost during Wavell's counteroffensive in '40. Consequently many were captured and used by the Australian 9th(?) Infantry Division and there are photos of these tanks with large kangaroos painted on their turrets (get ready, modders). So, although amusing to use in CMAK, these things will survive as long as trucks do in battle.

I am not computer savvy enough to attach links and photos to my posts but there are plenty of photos available--I THINK Actung! Panzer has them in their vast index.

Not having the T-35 was also disappointing for me as well, but the one GLARING absence is the T-28s. These were the main battle tank before the T-34s went into full scale production. Without these T-28s I feel scenario designers are handcuffed when designing Winter War and '41 battles. I believe the T-28s lasted in service until late '42.

So, I guess we all have to wait until CMx2 for these Russian tanks. But I'm not getting any younger...

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Originally posted by Tweety:

I would be very upset if the Churchill Mk I wouldn't make it in. I can't believe that BFC would go through the effort of fixing the multi turret limit and then only doing the M3 and leaving out the M11s, Churchills and Cruisers.

I didn't mention the Churchill because the 3" gun is mounted in the hull and not in a turret. I guess the fix would apply to it too. The Cruisers should be no problem because they only have one gun. What's the M11?


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Originally posted by Michael Emrys:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Denwad:

Well, the Crusader MKI had 2 MG turrets and a main turret.

Doesn't count. MGs are already independently targeted. The innovation is multiple gun armed turrets. Previously the engine was unable to handle that.

Michael </font>

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Michael Emrys: What's the M11?
See my earlier post. Try to visualize a CV33 with a large bucket upside down on the top. Now poke a MG through it and you have your M11. I believe the nomenclature was M11/37 and M11/39--not certain--don't have my books with me. :(
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MediumTanks.htm M11/39:

More on the M11:


In 1937 prototype was built. Started with 6 road wheels and was similar to American M3 Lee except had 37 mm in sponson. Eventually had 8 road wheels. Had no radio. Riveted construction. Had 2 Breda 8 mm MGs in the turret and a 37 mm mounted on the right side of the hull.

Was intended to be main tank of armored divisions. Each battalion would have 31 tanks.

70 were sent to Africa and joined the 4th Tank Regiment. First action Sidi Azeis, Aug. 5, 1940.

Five were captured by the 6th Australian Division and used against the Italians at Tobruk in January 1941.

I can't get images to reproduce on this page for some reason, so, for those who are curious enough, take a lok at these tin cans we will soon laugh at (if your opponent has them) or curse them (if YOU have them). :D

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Guys, you're still confused. The M11/39 could be modeled even in the presently existing games as could the Cruisers our pie eating friend has kindly provided us with pictures of. The problem is that the existing engine could not handle the targetting of more than one gun. Got that? So it wouldn't matter whether the extra gun was in a turret, in a sponson, or in the hull. It just couldn't have more than one and be able to fire both of them.

It could, however, have all the MGs in the world and be able to aim each of them at different targets (well, two different targets anyway; that's as many as I ever observed in play).


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