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  1. EMP are also very low frequency and requires large antennae to "recieve" the burst, on order of kilometers long. most small electrical objects that arent plugged into the grid would probably be unaffected
  2. db zero i seem to recall reading an article in a magazine about a .22lr weapon that someone had hucked at the military as a suppressive weapon, it had 2 barrels and was a belt fed. and that tidbit of stopping most pistol and rifle ammo doesn't make sense, if you mean .22lr could penetrate it. Do you mean a .22 caliber round like 5.56?
  3. The problem is that the army can't find a weapon that is so much better than the current M4/M16 that it literally won't spend the billions it would cost to replace. You'd have to not only replace the weapons, but the ammunition, training soldiers , training armorers , changing weapons racks ( these are also expensive ) its not just a clear cut "this weapon will poke 7.62mm holes in bodies" The m4/m16 is an excellent weapons system, moving the piston above the barrel only leads to extra parts that were never supposed to be there with additional problems that don't currently exist. The p
  4. Its one of the things i missed from CMX1 i'm glad for its inclusion
  5. Well , i don't recall there being a Bren tripod
  6. Wohoo! I can't wait the timing is just right for tax returns too
  7. to say that the uncons are not proficient with their weapons is simply ignorant, the document says that as well. These guys are GOOD with their weapons, the limiting factor for their effectiveness is our aircover. I think there's only one ambush scenario there where aircover isn't involved. There's a part of that document where Micheal Yon ( i think ) states that he observed an enemy combatant calmly aiming an RPG as .50 was hitting right next to him. These guys aren't Iraqi fighters, some of them have been fighting longer than some of the troops in Afghanistan have been alive.
  8. the auto forces picker usually gives me rediculous forces if i try to play syria US will get a company of SEP abrams and the syrians will get a platoon of t-72s plus a recon platoon for good measure. hardly fair, or fun.
  9. My unit still uses M998s but we're signal weenies so you wouldn't see us much in combat
  10. i'm in this boat. i had opera set to not leave the messages on the server, and then i formatted my HD. so i emailed, and i got my code sent right quick. infact, i just got back from some army training and my code is gone again. and now with the new patch i'm itchin to play again. give them an email, i might be SOL since its my 2nd time, but it never hurts to try.
  11. A bradley with any more than 4 is rediculously cramped, entirely absurd and uncomfortable. the more space the better the stryker has much more room, i can't imagine what an AAV is like.
  12. the knife fight scenario in CMBO saw an 88mm round from a Tiger ricochet off the front of a Sherman at an extremely close range. i think it was around 25m the sherman was in the process of backing up around another building, when the Tiger fired at it ( it was almost perpendicular to the tiger ) it hit the front ( very extreme angle ) i have a love hate relationship with luck.
  13. The HK416 is typical of HK advertisement they'd have you think it's the best thing since sliced bread, just because they say it is. Piston-operated AR-15 platforms have existed for almost 35 years i believe , the HK-416 is simply the newest and most hyped incarnation direct-impingment is reliable enough, less complex, less weight and also less reciprocating mass ( translates into higher accuracy )
  14. purchased the game and all that, after formatting my harddrive its no longer installed and my emails were also on my computer ( not saved on the online server anymore ) so is there any way I can get that email resent? or must i purchase it again?
  15. I'm 18, i've been playing CMBB since 2003 played WWIIOL since release date first game i ever played on PC was castle wolfenstein and i believe i've played so hard and so long that CMSF's problem isn't that i don't like it, i think i've burned myself out by playing way too much. My upcoming enlistment in the Army should cure that ( if 6 months away from a computer doesn't, i don't know what will )
  16. Playing Hammertime i saw T-72s hitting Bradleys with HEAT and BMP-2s using their AP ammo on bradleys
  17. Perhaps with all this top-down assaulting in Iraq will alert the Syrians to train for such an eventuality doubt it though
  18. well instead of doing say a N-S attack orientation of the map, do a NW-SE so that you can get more range out of the map ( diamond shaped or what not )
  19. i guess i just have to get used to it but my T-72 commanders in the demo can't see an M1A1 abrams directly infront of their tank, in an open field, with clear LOS to the tank ( i know because the abrams blows it up after it realizes its there )
  20. The *holy **** we're on fire and we might burn alive inside this tank* factor could be kicking in too
  21. yeah when you think about it how do you get the bonus of using the tripod when you can't really set it on a narrow window sill or balcony edge and if you get a accuracy bonus for just using the bipod in buildings, why not outside?
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