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New Eastern Front Game

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In my experience I often wished people would be *more* defensive. You'd often have lone defenders appear in the rear of the attackers, for example, on certain maps.

And sniping alone on maps won't win the round for attackers. I'd snipe and maneuver to help teammates onto the objective, because that was my strong point.

The MP40 was a great weapon for CQB.

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Well, I checked out the site and read the reviews and watched the trailer and read the forums and ... in short, I pre-ordered it. (I'd do that for CMC, also, if it was at that stage.) Seems like a smaller scope - squad level as infantry, platoon level or weak company level for armor - WW2 FPS, compared to WW2 Online. Which I played for .. way too long. Should be interesting and a nice change of pace from CM:BB and the upcoming CMC. BTW, I just finished one of the battles on the disk in CM:BB; don't remember which one, I was Soviet and concentrating on using the infantry.

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There's a very extensive interview from Game Informer, which i believe answers your question. It also has some nice screenshots in there.

Also, there's a TWL(TeamWarfare League) 2 part interview also availbable which might answer some more questions. It's actaully a much smaller interview, don't know why there's 2 parts. Nonetheless, here's Part 1 and the other Part 2.

And if that's no enough then check out the Computer Gaming World article available. ;)

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Originally posted by ExplodingMonkey:

Well, maybe I need to give it another shot then.

Still have a decent following?

Yes, I would say so - at least until the commercial (Ostfront) version comes out. Unfortunately that one will leave us Mac and Linux people out in the cold so I guess that there will be still some people left at RO3.3 afterwards...
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Just wanted to give a heads-up to those interested. The release date has been announced for this Tuesday the 14th(On Steam). They expect the boxed version to be in stores about 1-2 weeks after.

There's been all kinds of media/previews/videos posted. Head on over to this thread in the general forum to check it out, theres links galore in it. I figured there's some of you that never bother with the GF and just check the CMBB forum.

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Originally posted by Exploding Monkey:

[snip] MGs and SMG classes were worthless, because all anyone would do is find good areas of concealment with good lines of fire and then wait for other players to stray into that line of fire.

[snip] I played once on a server and did nothing nor saw anyone else for 20mins before quitting. WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR ONE OF US TO GET UP AND BECOME A TARGET!

[more snip]

This sounds like the most realistic wwii fps I've heard of...

Unfortunately, it also sounds tedious.

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