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  1. Entering hyperspace or just another German MDMA party at the front?
  2. All Soviet tanks were driven through a танк сауна (tank sauna ), and beaten with birch branches before combat. It's great for the circulation...and deflecting incoming fire.
  3. They'd best hurry or we'll be too distracted by the actual troops massing at the Ukrainian border to notice the release.
  4. I've been depressed since the collapse of CMC. Do the Soviets get commissars? Are HQ units equipped with the M-42 Discipline Enforcement Baton (DEB)? Should I be wearing pants while asking these questions?
  5. lol Congrats! She's a keeper. We've bounced around a bit. We're in Nebraska now. Some ups and downs. I bought a copy of CM:BN, thinking that I'd play the heck out of it, but I haven't touched the game in over a year. I haven't really played video games that much, as a matter of fact. Had to take a break from school and go back to work! Now, I'm trying to do the opposite. lol
  6. Yeah, I've only played the Voronezh scenario and it seems like the emphasis is more on maintaining supply lines than destroying the enemy. That's not necessarily bad, just different.
  7. Hello, Andy! Yes, it's me. It's been a while, hasn't it? How are you?
  8. Hello, all. Has anyone tried this game yet? I just spotted a demo on Steam.
  9. I have a couple suggestions: Could a "delete file" command be added to the saved game menu? My files are cropping up and, while I can navigate Windows and delete them that way, I'd like to have a simple button to click. We had the option in the CM1 series... I've had a couple of facepalm moments when moving my tanks. I gave a tank a hunt order and noticed later that the crew had bailed out and proceeded on foot along the hunt order path. When I thought I had ordered the tank to "hunt," I had actually ordered the crew to bail out. What I didn't realize was that I had the special command pane
  10. Hulloooo, George. It's been a while. Seems like you've moved up in the CM world.
  11. I scored a double kill on 2 Shermans in Barkmann's Corner. Tried to take a screenshot, but that didn't work. I saved the game. Any suggestions on how I could post the replay or some screenshots?
  12. Sorry if someone else already mentioned it, but the SS had their own separate supply network. They were dependent on OKH for most of their armored vehicles, but they enjoyed higher priority than the Heer on heavy equipment .
  13. Monkey Night's going to happen again, isn't it? I hope they've prepared...
  14. I was playing one of George's scenarios when my old PC crapped itself and I had to take a break from CM. George's scenarios are epic, and the halftrack really gets a chance to shine in his "Peiper" series. My old rig used to cough and wheeze its way through processing a turn. Things should be different now!
  15. Many thanks, Mr. Culliton. I hope you were paid for your efforts. If not, I'll send you some dough, make you a sandwich, clean your house, whatever.
  16. Hi, guys. It's been a while. I hope everyone's doing well. I'm glad to see this forum is still chugging along. I had to give up CMBB because it won't run properly(cascading graphics glitch) on my new PC. There was no time, anyway, because I went back to school. Speaking of school, I was in my university's book store when I spotted a name: Zumbro. The name didn't immediately ring a bell, but a quick google turned up In Deadly Combat. Much forehead-slapping followed. It turns out that he's the military history coordinator here. He's even given lectures on Bidermann's memoir not far from my h
  17. Just read the pdf. Great stuff!
  18. Gentlemen, I came across a color film compilation that I've never before seen. I thought you guys might enjoy it, despite the goofy "Last of the Mohicans" track. Click!
  19. There's "Forgotten Front" by Wyatt Barnett which is set in the Rzhev salient area, but the time period is August 1942, before the more desperate fighting during the winter. It's classified as semi-fictional.
  20. *shrug* Because you just can't help yourself? Gryphon may not have responded, but your post obviously was considered valuable by others. So, it wasn't a waste. Fizou is not the first to suggest that you write a book. Make some money for the prodigious time you spend here.
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