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Pz 38(t) shoots jeep from 400m away, direct hit, jeep survives undamaged!

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Playing B&T High Noon scenario. My light tanks and armored cars can't take a hit from the Pz 38, but the Jeeps! No problem!

40mm High Explosive is nothing against these fine american made bumpers. :D


Sadly he reversed away during this turn after getting hit only to abandon the super-jeep when the stuka singled him out and attacked.

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Wie bitte? :eek:

How should this be possible?

This doesn't make any sense to me at all...I wonder what's next...stories about macical helmets, that could withstand a direct "Acht-Acht" Flak hit or what ?

Sorry, it just sounds too curious-but it's a very nice sreenshot! smile.gif

With friendly greetings, Trommelfeuer

[ March 14, 2003, 02:23 PM: Message edited by: Trommelfeuer ]

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The strangness of war

In the real world things like that happened. In WWI a newly formed German company was matching up to front from the railhead when a 12" British shell came in, killing everyone but one man, whose horse was killed but leaving him, the commander unharmed.

There were a lot of incidents of below being caught in HE explosions, their uniforms blown off yet surviving....c'est la guerre (or some such frog talk) ; ]

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I had a coworker who used to live in Alaska. He owned a beat-up old car and whenever he and his buddies finished with a hunting trip it was a tradition to put one or two rounds into the car before going home. He said the shotgun holes were particularly impressive! Didn't affect the driving qualities of the car at all. I suspect you could rip off large pieces of a jeep, but as long as you didn't hit the tires, the vitals (or the driver) it would still be considered "no serious damage".

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Originally posted by Andreas:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by DavidB:

dunno, that driver hasen't even broken a sweat yet. That guy has ice in his veins!

That's just a dedicated party member to you. All in a day's historic struggle to overthrow the Bourgeoisie. </font>
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