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  1. I've got games I bought over 30 years ago, that I haven't "finished" (and some that I haven't even "started!") I recommend you just "go with the flow." Play what you feel like playing. See if you already have something similar enough to scratch the itch caused by the new shiny toy wargame on the block. If not, go for it! (but never dump 'em... you may get hit with strong waves of nostalgia in the future!)
  2. Ears. Exactly who's, is never specifically given. Could be any of your troops. Or by a digital someone who is holding a megaphone to their ear, backwards, for all we know. By CMBB, these reports started becoming exaggerated. I was once accused of cheating in CMBB by a longtime gaming buddy who couldn't believe I had Tiger tanks every scenario. It took me forever to convince him that mistaken reporting was part of the game engine. It was simulating that if you're fighting the Germans, EVERY tank you hear sounds like a Tiger. He only believed me after a couple more scenarios ended and he really checked out my side and realized all those reported Tigers were Pz-II's & III's!
  3. I love C-130s, because they are the _only_ airplane I can sleep on! Drone-drone-drone-zzz-drone-drone-zzz-zzz-drone-zzz-zzz-zzz...
  4. Answering Spam posts can make it worse. Spam Bot's love replies. They can't read them, but replies show that people are reading the posts (it's all about stats). Try hitting the "Report" link (next to the quote button).
  5. Batman and Robin are the dynamic duo. 'Nuff said.
  6. FWIW, The cat retired to the Caribbean, and now helps imported Detective Inspectors solve murders (Death in Paradise). As to being as good, l always found the entire Red Dwarf series to be so bad, it was good*. The series was/is not for everyone. Much like the movie Strange Brew ("Take Off, Eh!"). Or Father Ted (DRINK! FECK! ARSE! GIRLS!). * although the scenes following the one when Kryton detached his hand to summon help, was outright hilarious on any level.
  7. EVERY version of Das Boot is dubbed (however, I agree completely that the German language/English subbed version _IS_ the one to watch (at least the first time). (As is the 5 1/2 hour version if you're a real man!)
  8. They are still working fine on my XP (although I like the 2d view in Flight Commander far more than the oblique 2d view in Achtung Spitfire & Over the Reich). Barring that, you can always get the board games the PC versions were based on... http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5614/achtung-spitfire http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/8316/over-reich Both games are by J.D. Webster and were published by Clash of Arms. (Bonus local trivia for you... I read that J.D. Webster was living in Bellevue or the Seattle area just a couple of years ago)
  9. The part that really angers me, is that often pirates end up with a better version of what I paid for (they probably don't have to deal with the extra BS, that any DRM brings).
  10. Isn't that the sub they towed back to Pearl after the war? It's been many decades since I read a book by the guy in charge of the sub during the tow (it was one chapter of his book IIRC). As I recall, the sub was a leaky piece of [crud] and barely made it there, even under tow. And he implied it was more of a danger to the crew than to the USN.
  11. I think it came to light for me when the news covered the football/soccer team that crashed in the Andes.
  12. You need to own the boardgame to understand what the Vassal module does. That version on the site is very old, mass converted to a new version of Vassal, then mucked up by a third party. But I can get you the current version... if you get a hold of at least the original boardgame's rules.
  13. I've not seen that one, but I'd bet DCI Hunt could kick his arse. Heck, the Gene Genie could probably kick DI Regan's arse at the same time! (Hunt-Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Regan-The Sweeney)
  14. Think it's simply a matter of money. In the US, episodes per season averaged in the mid-30s until color. Then the episodes per season dropped to the mid-20's and steadily declined to the point where now you're lucky to get 20 episodes per season now. Then you take your cable company produced shows, and you're into the old UK average of 13 episodes per season.
  15. Did you not read the attribution? (besides, I can't find ANYTHING on "wikisource," as I've never been there before today). Either way, I find this guy's* goodbye letter waaaaaaay over-the-top. Even if his evil foes were secretly planning his demise. These are the type of people who start thinking they are real military Generals, who stood on real "battlefields" (not a completely unheard of internet/game phenomenon). *Note: I have no idea who he is, as I've never heard of him before today.
  16. Dorosh mentions elsewhere that the original text (a fake Hitler resignation) is as follows, and as pulled from Wikisource (by Dorosh);
  17. No. ...it's built to be played either RTS or turn based. BIG difference from RTS (only).
  18. I don't like Carnivals! I'm going for a jog...
  19. I think that was his point. However, you'll never convince Capt Mainwaring of that!
  20. In your sleep after having sex on leave. That's one good one.
  21. While I cannot view the link, I went to a lecture about the ("giant pacific") octopus once, put on specifically for our dive club... They're reputed to have the intelligence of "a dumb puppy." And there used to be one at a nearby university that would splash any who passed by without stopping to greet him in his tank. They live for one thing only... procreation. The male has a limited amount (I forget... something like 8?) of sperm "capsules" (not the right word) and will give up all interest in life once he's empty. And of course a successful pregnancy means death by starvation for the female, while she tends the eggs. You can tell a male from a female by looking at the right 3rd arm... if there is a groove the length of it, it is a male (it moves the pencil-like sperm "capsule" down this groove while keeping it waterproof... once it gets inside the female, the saltwater makes it breakup/explode). One other thing... don't let an octopus tongue you (the use their tongue to drill holes in shells). I forget how strong the beak is supposed to be... Gerty & The Sea Monster ------------------------ I had not been to the lecture yet, when I saw the "loss of interest in life" effect on a male once. We were directly below "Sturdy Gertie," while diving to see "Galloping Gertie" at about 60-70ft depth ... and he just sat there in the open looking at us (he had an arm span of approximately 10ft (+/-2ft)). No ink. No attempts to get away from our obnoxious exhaust bubbles. He just sat there! We had been inked plenty of times by slightly smaller octopi, and it just didn't make any sense until going to the lecture and learning he just didn't care anymore. Next week... (Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel) "My First Face to Face Encounter with a Wolf Eel" or "How I Warmed My Wetsuit" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. I hate real seals. Had one harass me once. He kept making runs at me, then veering away at the last instant. Each time, I went flailing because of his wake. Almost dropped my regulator and warmed my wetsuit! OH! I missed the word "Navy." Never mind. *grin*
  23. I actually do still play wargames on my Apple II from time to time (granted, I get no time for watching movies like someone waiting for a commie 64 to actually load a program).
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