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Some time ago I've downloaded a battle for CMBB. It was about a company of King Tigers, that had to cross through a village, defended by the Russians, and re-assemble behind that village. No German infantry, just King Tigers. For the life of me I can't find this battle anymore in my scenarios file. Can anyone tell me the name of this battle?

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Shmavis, I have the scenario you've mentioned and it isn't what I'm looking for. Thanks for your offer to send it. Junk2drive, it ain't one of POS scenarios either. I know I must have it somewhere, just can't find the darn thing. I know from the briefing it is all about LOS and keeping each other covered, while fighting their way through a village. Just Tiger II's, no escorting infantry or whatever. Ah, well, that's what you get from downloading all scenarios you can get your hands on. Sometimes I think I can play CM till the end of times. And that's about the biggest compliment there is to a pc game, if I may use that unworthy description for this superb series.

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