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If the Doors of Challenge Were Cleansed, Peng Would Appear As He Truly Is: Infinite

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Ah, what a sign of depseration. I can imagine the scene- Gaylord sits by the fire, British pipe in hand puffing away, lost deep in thought...

"T'was it St. Peter's or St. Pauls? Oh, I am such a cluts when it comes to names."

Then, genuis strikes...

"What if I were to create a second acount, and post responses to it on the forum! Oh that would be a hoot!"

So he jumps from his chair, injures his back, and is set back some thirty minutes, lost deep in pain as he rolls on the floor- British pipe torching his surroundings.

And, as the stuffed tiger bursts into flames he shouts:

"G'night to all, and to all a G'night!"

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Originally posted by Gaylord Focker:

whats a Ute?

Glad you asked.

It's an aussie device specially made for carrying beer. However if you put a top over it it's used for procreation.

beer carrier:


for procreation:



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