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w00t show us your stuff

origanal to my mods and yes these are all new. i just cant get away from the T34's and KV's i lub dem so. since there are CMMOS version of the KV and T34's done i will upgrade em with the new textures and the slogans will be translated when you select em, but for the rest of the other mods im working on will not be CMMOS. takes to long for me to CMMOS all of em so i wont even bother, slows down my production. so uhm yah following people to thank FOXBAT, Fransisco, and SamiV (where is he?)







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Good stuff, Noobie!

I'm currently working on an all new factory. Haven't got any screenshots yet, but this one should be a lot more realistic than the first one. Realistic, but boring (you know, row upon row of identical windows). ;)

Merry christmas all!

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Impressive mr. Noob. Now that every soviet tank has been modded atleast twice maybe someone would start modding axis vehicles?

You can count mods for late war axis verhicles with single hand.

Shiny non weatherd axis tanks hurt in my eye in battlefield. :D

Fix or do somefink!

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Ok, I found a way to host some pics.Thanks MrNoobie!

These are two versions of the PzIV g early.A winterized and a dark yellow over dark grey one which replaces the tricolor original.

*Sorry for this but the links dont seem

to work.

Coming soon...

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year Everyone!

[ December 26, 2002, 12:55 PM: Message edited by: panzermartin ]

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