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  1. Yes, the "release" version of the mod on the Repository and GAJ does not need the separate updates I released previously while the mod was still in it's beta/WIP stage. All you need to download is the current file - nothing else. In other words, the release version comes "pre-updated".
  2. The mod has been approved and is now available for download on the Repository.
  3. The mod has been uploaded to the Repository - just waiting for it to be approved.
  4. Strange as it may seem, both of those were the results of conscious decisions on my part: 1) The grass sprites/doodads are less saturated in order to make them more visible. In my experience, if they match the grass perfectly, they have a tendency to disappear at any viewpoint higher than ground level. 2) The forest floor texture is bright so that it looks realistic when viewed at ground level with trees switched on, i.e. when it is in shadow.
  5. The "Release" version has been uploaded to GAJ. I'll upload it to the Repository tomorrow.
  6. Thanks. I'm using an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT with 1 GB of video ram.
  7. The feedback has been quite positive so far, so it looks like this is ready for release. I'm preparing it for upload to GAJ and the Repository - shouldn't be too long before it's uploaded.
  8. Some suggestions: "- Your oppo is using h2hh (yay)" = Smiley face icon. "- There's a new chat message for you" = Envelope/mail icon. - "Your oppo timezone is:" as in "your oppo timezone is: -12 hours" = Clock icon. I also suggest just searching the web for free icon sets you can use. No need to reinvent the wheel. Here are a couple of free icon sets you might be interested in: Crystal Icons Chalkwork Icons Note: the second icon set includes country flag icons - might be a nice thing to have in the app, i.e. the ability to specify the country of each of your opponents and have it displayed as a country flag icon.
  9. I haven't uploaded the mod to the Repository or GAJ yet as it's still a WIP/Beta. I'm hoping that people will download the mod, use it and then give me some feedback, e.g. let me know about any problems etc.
  10. I don't use a grid myself, but if anybody wants to do a gridded version and upload it, they have my permission.
  11. You need to install all three files - the original file and the two updates. PS let me know if you guys have any other questions.
  12. I've uploaded the second update. Here's the link (not too big - it's 11.68 MB) : Flesh_Subdued_Terrain_V2_update_02.rar As before, just unpack it and drop it into your "Data/Z" folder alongside the original file. Change List ------------- I replaced the existing "ground brush" texture in my mod with a better (IMHO) one. Here's a list of the new textures in the update. "ground brush hard" "ground cobblestones" "ground ford" "ground pavement" "ground pavement2" Also, I've added my own foxholes and trenches. These "blend" with the rest of the ground textures. Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Note: I'm not sure about the pavement textures - let me know if you experience excessive "moire patterns" or any other problems.
  13. Just about to upload another update. Unfortunately, my internet connection is playing up at the moment (slow speed, frequent disconnects) - so it might take a while.
  14. Both. Yes, they will clash. No, each is "standalone".
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