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  1. Hey Jeff I just knew "Resistance would be futile" Best Måk
  2. Very well done Mikey Congrats on a labour of love ( the whole Panther / JP series ) Now CMMODS is back i can stop tearing my hair out and start dl them beauties best regards Måkjager
  3. John , thats what happens when you spend nearly 9 months making a Tiger mod which i did for the Tigers i made for CMBO. Regards Måkjager
  4. Mike is correct , the rear of the CMBB/CMBO Luchs-Lynx has some odd stowage polygon on it.. the newer CMAK version lacks this polygon, hence you can see the rear detail with the CMAK texture. Regards Måkjager
  5. Hi Mikey , just had time to take a look at your Tiger's and i have to say very well done Sir. Appreciate all the effort that you have put into this mod pack and thanks for taking the time to do justice to my favourite afv Best regards Måkjager
  6. Hi lads , found this link over at the Missing Lynx forum which leads you to the Time site. 101+ pix from North Africa.. some in "real" colour too web page If these have been linked before... sorry Best regards Måkjager
  7. Hey Mikey.. i will be buying some of those plans soon for modelling projects.. like you said.. everbody needs a hobby Regards Måkjager
  8. The vehicle behind the JT look to be a Panther D with the drum cupola. Regards Måkjager
  9. Mikey, there is some speculation that the Jagdtiger is one of a pair that was sent to Arnhem to combat the Operation Market Garden forces. I am going on fuzzy memory here as I dont have the Concord book to hand but it said ( IIRC ) that the 2 vehicles were part of the 506 sPzAbt(? mb) and they were lost somehow. The returned strenght reports gave info that they had lost 2 vehicles as as Allied reports about 2 "Ferdinand/Elefants" being recorded as lost. This will likely muddy the water as i dont have the info to hand to give a fuller report.. the Concord book covered German Armour at Arnhem. best regards Måkjager
  10. Ack.. pls disregard the bit below guys.. just found the info lower down the thread pile! Steve & Dan , can you guys give us any ideas as to the specs needed to run the game..... cpu speed / ram and min video card please ? Really looking forward to the new CMX2 Family Best regards Måkjager [ September 01, 2005, 08:00 AM: Message edited by: Måkjager ]
  11. Tank and Infantry formation commands. Texture modability. Regards Måkjager
  12. Not my fault u Jerry's overlook bargins when they are actually bargins at the time and then try to buy things that are as scarce as hens teeth for next to nothing BTW.. i found a June 1944 Op file with your name on it.. it was the one where u were defending against my Red attack ( small village / cliff-lake begind it ).It ended in my favour Regards Måkjager
  13. hi Andreas , i dug out my 32MB Radeon card ( its the exact same one found here Radeon video card The reason i am using a Radeon 8500 is because it can run a Apple 23" LCD which i have. The 32MB Radeon cannot run the display but it works fine with my Apple 17". I took out the Radeon 85000 and popped in the 32MB Radeon and fired up both CMBB and CMAK. Both look and behave fine as regards to hi-quality smoke and dust. Scrolling is also smooth enough combined with the 1.8Ghz cpu card. Hope this helps. Best Måkjager
  14. Looks crap Gordon hehehe ( sorry Dear Friend i just could not resist it). Looks like i will have to teach you how to make Mods with your toes too Well done bud, its been a loooong looong road for you but you got there in the end. I hope those carpal tunnels heal up soon and mb some day soon you can get back into the ModSeat. Best regards Måkjager
  15. Hi lads , been along time since i poked around here but i have a happy tale to tell. I have had my Mac G4 Quicksilver Dual 800mHz since August 2001. I bought it with the 64MB GeForce 3 video card ( which turned out to be not the best card for displaying CM in all its glory ). I replaced that with a Radeon 32MB card which could do all the things the GF card should have done and more. Next up came a Radeon 8500 card ( Mac Edition retail ) with 64MB VRAM for the increased needs of CMBB/CMAK. I am still using that card today. One thing that bothered me over time was the slowish crunch time that my Mac suffered when playing nice big battles.... Jeff Weatherspoon... u and that damned Ponyri Express I am a hoarder of things and am very unlikely to ever take any of my CM games off my HDs as i still have plans for making mods.. but i also love OSX. The dilemma for me was no Apple support for CM in OSX.. so it was either keep my set up which is dual boot capable, upgrade it , buy a PC , or buy a new G5. I was not keen on a PC as it would mean me forking out for a pc photoshop version, the G5s are nice machines but expensive and i would still be left with my "slow" DP800 to run CM. So that left me with the upgrade route. After nearly a year and a half of trashing my brain cells ( any that i could round up ) i jumped in and bought a Giga Designs 7A-1418U 1.8Ghz G4 upgrade card with the manufacturer stating that "Giga Designs does not test, warrant, or support third party software operation under OS 9." I went for the single proc as CM does not support the second proc in Dual cards.. and the dual cards are nearly twice as dear as the singles. I paid OWC $381 which included shipping by FedEx for the card and it arrived in Dublin yesterday... and its up and running since then. Well... after some fiddling about with the extensions folder of my OS9.2.2 HD i can state the following. The Giga Designs 1.8Ghz G4 upgrade card works for me with no problems at all with the following. Combat Mission Beyond Overlord Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin Combat Missioon Afrika Korps End result is one very happy Måkjager with a shiny new cpu upgrade card that will keep him going for another 3-4 years I hope this is of some help to some other Lost Souls Best regards Måkjager
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