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Has this happened to you?

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i set a AT gun in ambush position behind a low rise,, in a foxhole for added protection,,

supported by 2 LMGs set 50 meters to either side,,, also in foxholes,, and behind the same rise,,,, its a 350 meter shot to the gap in the trees that any enemy tanks MUST pass through, I also have a com HQ unit to command the position,,, I'm oblique to the enemys line of advance,, ALL forces are dug in,,

20 seconds into turn 1,,, BOTH LMGs get up without orders, and move to the AT gun, both enter the AT guns foxhole, turn ends,,,

I give both LMGs orders to return to their own respective foxholes,, they show command delays of 97 seconds,, and 128 seconds respectivley, both are in comand, both are ok,, both are reg,,,,, com HQ is reg,, gun is reg,,,

There is still no contact with enemy,,,

5 seconds into turn 2,, BOTH LMGs suddenly go from ok,, to panic,, broken,,, routed,, and begin sneaking in foxhole,, both LMGs are now writhing in the gun's position,, and at 10 seconds into the turn,, the gun starts moving out of the hole,, and forward to the top of the rise,,, turn ends,,,

AT gun is now on top of rise,, still has some distance left in its move comand,, I cancel the order,, both LMGs are still routed and sneaking and tired,, I order AT gun back into its foxhole,, comand delay is 14 seconds,,, setup time is 2 minutes ,,,

14 seconds into turn 3, gun begins to move back to foxhole,,,, gun enters foxhole and turn ends,,,

gun has extra move order back out to top of rise,,, ,, cancel the order,,, gun has 2 minutes setup time,,, both LMGs are still sneaking/writhing in foxhole,, still routed,,, now exhausted,

25 seconds into turn 4,, AT gun begins moving forwards leaves foxhole, turn ends,,

gun has more move line to go,, all the way to the gap,, i cancel and give order for gun to go back to open ground behind rise,, right beside the foxhole,,, 14 second comand delay,, 2 minute setup time,,,

14 seconds into turn 5, gun starts moving in WRONG direction,,, turn ends,,

i have sound contact,, no time to move AT gun,, MUST DEPLOY,,, set covered arc and pray,,,

turn 6,, enemy tanks pass through gap,,

turn 7,, AT gun destroyed,

turn 8, LMGs sudenly and inexplicably return to ok/exhausted, and move to proper foxholes,, and are slaughtered by enemy ,,


so did the LMGs muscle the AT gun out of the foxhole?? did they force my most valuable asset to abandon cover ????

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Sergei, I cant mod,,,,,,, I'm not able to figure it out at all,, I could blame CM, or the technology,,, but i'd be lying,,, I AM COMPUTER ILLITERATE!!!! WHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!,,

it took me 2 years to figure out how to save a screen shot, and post a pic ,,

but if i could do mods,,, i would do long quilted overcoats and fur hats for my russians, and fixed bayonettes,,

i can kill cyber pixel armys,,, but i cant make them pretty ,,,,

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