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  1. I would make sure that there is an HQ-unit for the on-map mortars to use for spotters. And when you say "SMG section", what exactly do you mean? A squad? I would agree with most of JasonC's suggestions, especially making all the Germans of the same unit type and removing the on-map 45mm guns.
  2. Why don't you do all of us a favour and play Jason C's battles and leave those of us who like bigger battles in peace? And try to remember the manners your mother must have tried to teach you. </font>
  3. I'd also recommend going back through the forum and looking at some old tactics threads. There are a few thread archives that list a whole lot of good tactical threads around, plus you can look at the threads themselves. You can learn a lot there. Or if you're bored sometime, just flip back through the forum manually, page by page, and whenever you see an interesting thread, open it up and take a look!
  4. I like big scenarios because it generally means more fun toys to play with. In an 1000 point scenario, you get what, two companies, a tank, and one arty module? In a 3000 game, you a battalion, a company of pioneers, two platoons of tanks, and more arty than you can shake a stick at. 6000+ you get even more, though that is pushing it. I think one of the best types is the "High-point operation". 6000-8000 points, spread as reinforcements over 5 battles. You start small, but a constant flow of reinforcements means you don't get too low, and should you choose, you may be able to husband your r
  5. A key thing to remember about infantry vs. tanks is to engage at ranges less than 30 meters. Set your guys up in cover, hidden, with a 30m covered arc, and do whatever you can to strip the enemy infantry off the tanks. Force his tanks to come in unsupported without infantry recon. stoat is right that the pioneers will seriously rip his tanks to shreds at >30m. Use the 50mm guns to try and get side shots - side shots should kill very consistently on T-34s, and you'd have a good chance on a KV. I disagree with Sergei regarding the worthiness of ATRs. The key with them is to open up at the
  6. The armor does NOT block line of sight, so the enemy was able to shoot right through the tanks and hit your infantry. It is done this way because to have armor and everything dynamically block LOS would be a huge processor drain. I think that Steve might have mentioned something about a sort of workaround for CM:SF, but I don't remember exactly what that was.
  7. There was a CM:BO scenario called "Verdun" that was supposed to be the battle of Verdun. Problem was, CM:BO didn't really handle trenches that well, so it wasn't too believable, but it was a fun time...
  8. Actually BigDuke, I picked Across Moltke Bridge as an example because of your incredible AAR. Personally, I thought that your Moltke Bridge AAR was the best of the ROW V AARs, better than the airfield one that won. I haven't read the others yet, but I just went to download them. Jason, great thoughts as usual. Your point about taking an unexpected route versus the one with the best cover was especially interesting. It does seem that in scenarios with a short time limit the attacker has a huge fire advantage, but I feel that too often, I get hurried, push my force to hard, and lose cohesion.
  9. I've noticed, in recent weeks, that their has been much discussion about proper attack tactics. This discussion has been, for me, at least, very enlightening. I've learned a lot about properly assaulting various enemy positions. The problem that I so often seem to have, though, is time. Given an infinite amount of time, anyone can put these excellent tactics into place. But what about scenarios like (from ROW V) Across Moltke Bridge? The Russian player has pretty much overwhelming fire superiority, but not much time. It seems like whenever I'm in a rush, my tactical technique falls apart. Does
  10. I downloaded the "full Scenario Depot archive" from CMMODS, and was pleasantly surprised to happen across these! CoD is one of my favorite games, and it was great fun going down into view 1 with my guys and reliving the FPS gameplay. (BTW... the battle turned out better when in CoD than in CM... I should get to command FPS me in some of my battles) Anyways, I'd just like to congratulate whoever came up with these fun little scenarios.
  11. One thing I do before I setup any of my guys is I sort them. I never really handled the long string of troops along the edge well, so what I do is I take all of company A, put them in that field and sort them by platoon. I put all my mortars in that field. All my tanks over there. Then, when I actually want to set up, instead of having to search down the line for them, I just go over to the appropriate spot and grab what I need. This is also good for evaluating your force's OOB. "Okay, I have 10 HMG-42s... 3 regular, 4 veteran, 2 green, and a crack... 5 of them have one casualty, one has two..
  12. I'm a little late to the thread, but I was wondering if Jason could send me a copy of his scenario. It sounds quite intriguing. Address alexbond@u.washington.edu
  13. I am considering buying this game (will play demo tonight, but I think I will enjoy it), but I was wondering about something. I prefer to play games single player against the A.I., and I wanted to know how well that worked with TacOps. I understand from the page that the TacOps A.I. only works on pre-made scenarios included with the game. This is okay, but I wanted to know what the selection of said scenarios is like. Are there a lot? Are they good? Can I at least change OoB within them if I keep same map & objectives? Also, on a slight tangent, what is the scenario editor like? What po
  14. I bought CMAK just so I could play CMBO with the updated engine.
  15. Damn, Colt, it's great to meet another Minesweeper player. Nobody ever gives it the respect it deserves. About five years ago I got a new computer I didn't put any games on it for about a month and a half and just played minesweeper. And it is great to use as a distraction while you're trying to get work done. My high scores on my old computer were Beginner: 6 seconds Intermediate: 33 seconds Advanced: 88 seconds Now I again have a new computer, and I haven't made my way back to there yet, but I'm working at it. I think I'm actually going to take a screenshot of my best times screen
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