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POLL! 5 questions about the forum. Please vote.


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1. Anyone from General Discussions that doesn't come in here. Dorosh will do as a generic example.

2. Rambo seems a good choice.

3. Kuni (ok funny could also mean like that "funny smell" kinda funny too smile.gif ).

4. Bill Macon (I think he is at least).

5. Immer (ok it's just I only understand 1 in 10 of his posts really hehe).

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1. Who are most hostile to newbies

-- -- He's changed his ways, okay? ;)

2. Best smacker?

-- -- There can only be one General Rambo, of course.

3. Funniest member

-- -- A ten way tie.

4. Biggest contributor

-- -- If we mean makes the best input posts, explaining things to people, it's a tie between Terif and Bill Macon. If we're talking about the SC2 Board I like DesertDave's explanations. If we're talking about sheer quantity of posts at the SC Forum alone, then it has to be yours truly but that's only in terms of numbers. Additionally there's Shaka who contributes a lot and EdwinP; last year I contributed a lot of ideas and at other time JP Wagner, SeaMonkey, SeaWolf, Wolfe ... it would be very hard to makd a choice and probably not fair to the others.

5. Most weird

-- -- :confused: :eek: :rolleyes:Another ten way tie. :D

My thanks to Dragon for naming me on #4.

And to Errant for naming me on #3.

[ May 14, 2004, 06:38 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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You guys misunderstand me, you see, I motivate newbies to become better contributors to the forum and to become better people at life in general.

Sometimes newbies become confused or misled and need a bright light to guide them through stormy seas, I am that bright light.

I'm not hostile to newbies, I am a savior and a mentor for those in need and should be treated as such.

Someday soon, this forum will become a utopia, my utopia, a blueprint for other forums to follow.

Only then, will you understand.... ;)

Anywho, heres my vote:

2) Rambo

3) Kuniworth

4) Edwin P.

5) I think weird is the wrong term to use, I say "most unique": Immer Etwas

Really for any of the questions, I find it hard to choose just one person. I think everyone here contributes to the forum in their own way and makes it the great place that it is. Just my 2 cents......

Comrade Trapp

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2) Rambo, Rambo and we say Rambo


4)Zapp and Bill (two diferent ways)


Hey I saw the top 10 post / poll. Thanks for putting me up while being gone so long. The 1-2 I would have given to Terif and CC with the 3-7 spots almost interchangeable, 8-10 to some of the PBEM guys or the new blood that I have not played.

It would have been interesting if you said, Best at playing both sides. Many are very good with the axis but could come up with a plan for the Allies to save thier butt. Or just cut it to best allied player, a very different look rankings you would have. This is one reason I liked the PL system of two games, you would really get a good balance to the situation, if you have no RWL and can give up 40 hours to this additive 'thing'

[ May 20, 2004, 03:55 PM: Message edited by: Iron Ranger ]

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