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  1. For those wishing to hear the words of Les on matters SC or anything gaming that is, while this forum might be official, the place I am preferring these days is over here. http://s3.invisionfree.com/House_Of_Games/index.php Humble forum, humble ambitions open to any game and any gamer. Non gaming posting style ala General Discussions is of course best left in BF General (or other forums that like that sort of thing). House of Gaming is hoping to be a one stop place for all things gaming, but not interested in being yet another place to beat each other over the head with stupid rants about the latest crop of political hot topics. My posts here at BF, are only offered when there really is a point. Looking forward to the game HC
  2. Moon, (or who ever), can you wave your god like wand, and alter my account name to read just Les As is known to all that give a hoot. Les the Sarge doesn't exist any longer. I either keep this account but renamed, or I plan to sign up tomorrow (or shortly) as Les in a new account, and will just consider this one "unwanted". Wouldn't even be here posting if not for a friend obviously sending me a message via Battlefront as a way of expiditing a need to get in touch with me (moved and is sans internet currently). I assume he used a buddy's machine.
  3. Well of all places to see you Mr Pepper. Hoping you see this, as I won't be using MSN any time soon, not after they buggered up my account. If you wan't to message me go through ICQ my number is 83216348 I will be looking in there periodically Better yet, join my forum http://s3.invisionfree.com/Les_s_Place At least I see that regularly. "just say no to MSN"
  4. It's already been said. We have said all the comments, given all the suggestions, made all the requests. Now all we can do is chase our tails till HC is finished the job It takes time to actually make a game though. I can wait.
  5. Yeah just waiting patiently for Day 1, if anyone thinks my not posting means I have lost interest, no, just waiting patiently over here in a corner. Wake me up when it's finished though eh.
  6. Hi this is Les, no, not someone called Les the Sarge 9-1, he just let me use this account. Seemed kinda like a waste to make a new account just for this. And, considering how that is frowned on too. But, truth is, things change. One to many wingnuts in the world for Les the Sarge 9-1, so he decided a while back to just say screw it. And if you haven't noticed, a few forums out there have gotten a bit thread bare of value. It's not just a BF issue like some seem to think. Wargamer turned into a real piece of crud. And who cares why, it's still a piece of crud at the end of the day. Matrix Games still has some awesome games coming out. But their forum community has taken a pounding in opinion polls. No one is immune. The Unofficial ASL Forum is thinking of merging with Warfare HQ I understand. Not that Warfare HQ needs them. Warfare HQ is about the only forum I can think of that is actually getting better. Eventually SC2 is going to show up. And there will be much rejoicing. It might even pick up in here a bit. Won't make General Discussions suddenly worth posting on though. Me, I plan to do all my SC/SC2 chatting on forums where the air is cleaner and the beer colder. BF can make the games, but the forums, well, there boring. Anyone wants me, I am at House of Games. It's new, it's still small admittedly. It has more to offer, and wants to offer more. Ok, time to shove this account back into the cellar.
  7. "parents don't let me order online" Alert signal, memeber might not be an old fart like me Josef, most malls have EB Electronic Boutique locations in them. I would suggest concentrating your search there (I am assuming you know of at least one location near you). If I have seen it in one, then I am positive it is just a matter of going there and asking they order it in. As I said, I saw it priced 19 bucks new. Very much worth the effort to look into it.
  8. I have seen it in EB locations for 19 bucks. In Belleville and Ottawa.
  9. I can here his dad muttering, ok when is he getting a job, and when can I use his room Oh the joy of soon to be 18 and on your own. Stop pushing dad
  10. New screenshots, game info and a FAQ section will be added to this site in the coming weeks. Check back often for updates! You guys have clearly never seen a form letter before hehe. That has templated comment written all over it. Buck up troopers, those few weeks might be here in a few months
  11. Retributar How old is it, how often is it used, how often is it used to burn? All might be relvant. Being an optical device, the unit might have lost it's fine tuning and ability to track. Happened to my first cd player (music system not computer). My first cd rom in time went flaky on me. Thought a few of my games had become "damaged" turned out, it was the drive was just no longer up to it. Rule of thumb, never use drive if you don't actually have to. ie, if you can put the file on hard drive, run it from hard drive, don't run it from cd/dvd drive. Just adding wear and tear.
  12. Retributar Surely you are not sooooo far out in the sticks you can't get access to a cd burner drive? Heck I have one that is redundant now, as I use my dvd burner drive. The last thing I would do, when getting a digital file downloaded from a service that offered it, is NOT put it on a cd immediately. And considering the cost of a blank cd is like 50 cents, paying a company 10 bucks additional on top of cost of game (which appears common) just to get it as hard copy is technically brain dead on the surface
  13. Be very sure to read the Players guide slowly Be sure to lose horrifically against some of the known inviduals if you encounter them hehe.
  14. I am unaware of BF doing a paid download sale option at all actually (if my first comment led to that assumption being made). I would support it, but I am not expecting it to happen.
  15. As I understand previous "official" remarks, it will be initially be "available" day one to the lot of us, the same way as first, online, for online purchase. Day one it will not be on shelf ANYwhere, here there the US you name it. I seem to recall comment to the effect it won't be going near a shelf for a year or more after release. Might as well keep an eye on your credit card balance.
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