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  1. "Do you see our good Sheriff Brady up on that horse? Do you know how much money he has got invested in my store? His life savings John, and it it not just Brady that wants me to win but the district Attourney, the Chief Justice and the Santa Fee Retten. This is a family thing John, and you don't come prancing in here with your fat foreign capital trying to change things" Can someone guess the movie?
  2. screenshots? What if u took some screenshots and pasted them somewhere and then went back posting them in this topic when they are harmless (i.e the position revealed issue).
  3. Jon. J Rambo Location : Idaho Did the real Rambo left his twin behind in Idaho? "Will the real Rambo, please stand up, please stand up, please stand up"
  4. If everyone was like Rambo, there would be no wars in this world. The former megalomaniacs of this world would be busy playing board games and being at church. You should take that as a compliment, Rambo
  5. This was the first competetive league: http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=18;t=001971#000000 Feels like yesterday, eh?
  6. Though Zapp and I seem not to agree On much of anything, In this instance, I must take his side. There IS no solution, at least, Not a one that is knowable Given our current circumscribed Mind-set. In the puzzle provide by jjr, There are simply WAY too many factors (... being a MATH exercise, this IS the proper term) Omitted. Here's what I saw, THIS Is what happened, and I would insist It is indeed A legitimate and perfectly reasonable Explanation. That mis-fortunate soldier got sick And tired of the whole Stooped mess, and dropped out Of formation. Assuming that the soldiers are ABLE To march in formation, They MUST have been in the Army Long enough to do so, Without wandering off into any number Of slant or skewed directions, well, This I know because I once had to do Similar sorts of sweat stuff Under wet-hot Lousiana sun Down 'ere in Fort Polk. (... don't believe me? TRY to get all of your neighbors in a one mile radius, say, after even ten days of intensive drill, to march along in orderly rank!) Now, ANY single person - for WHATEVER private Reason, deliberate or accidental, who DARES To depart from the conventional "norms" And restrictions IMPOSED by a crowd, or ANY briefly cohesive group, Would be either: a) Shunned, ignored, or Actually accosted. (... there are infinite possibilities, but since we are restricted in terms of space continuation, let's just go with the two) In this puzzle, I believe that soldier Would be ack! attacked! :mad: Since soldiers are necessarily trained To act as... one. It's how they remain effective, and, Perform their vital task - in "Brother in arms" harmony. Sure, it's a very UN-natural human Condition... looking out for the other guy Instead of being Self concerned. Sheer survival will do that. And, Since "survival of fittest" is presumed To have gotten us this far, Thus far, Well, That soldier would soon enough be sprawled On the unforgiving ground. Bruised and blooded. Sucking at boot raised dusty air. **(... IPSO, and therefore, going NOWHERE, not 2.4 miles nor one nor 3 nor nothing in decimals, in-between) You can RARELY oppose the will & wishes Of the masses and get away With it. Anyway, He would have awoken a bit later And a'wondered? Where at has my "company of brothers" Went to? Nothing now to do, given This strange but quite exciting Solitude, except Wander to & fro, Upon the garden Earth. And, so, he did. But it wasn't no garden, no, It turned out to be: 40 years! on the Desert. Like some other saintly Cat we have Heard tell of. Finally, He would've - by purest chance, Arrived back! at his departure point, And there - met That decrepit Drill Sergeant, Who would - he could do Nothing other, inquire: "Where in Hell! You been! You! Disdainful, disruptive, MALINGERING Son of a B**ch!" :mad: Hey Sarge, take you a large pill, One a' them anti-arousables Charming gal Alice recommends, And... chill the gills Still, baby. See, while I was out on Desert, I met some Ghosts of men, ah, "not solid dudes" In the mod way of saying, By name of: Heisenberg Karl Popper Thomas Kuhn Paul Feyerabend - and, One... "thing" that may well have been Some temporarily apparently appearing Demon, I don't really know and am glad! It was so, else I would ever assume that these Did not exist, since so many of the Crowd Has insisted it simply CANNOT be, Yet, yippee! Now I know they in fact, DO exist. Would have PREFERRED some women, But them see-through men Is what I got so let's Skip to the scat Cat's interlude, Yep, here you go Joe, THIS is a very abbreviated list Of what that aggregate said: There are ALWAYS "confounding factors." A person viewing ANY event CHANGES that event, usually In truly imperceptible ways That ain't hardly realized For days - sometimes - Centuries even. EVERYONE "selects out" unique and TINY portions Of the TREMENDOUSLY IMMENSE "Whole big shebang"... to observe. Most folks PREFER their personally perceived "Order out of Chaos," and occasionally Will maim or even kill the one who disagrees (... alas, this mindless tendency is increasing, geo metrically), or, As with our puzzled soldier, will merely Beat the hell out of 'im, either With cudgel or gun-butt or By way of scurrilous words. It IS possible - maybe one fine Spring Day Far, far into the future, That a "common epiphany" shall indeed Be realized, and, perhaps, Taken to heart. Until then, well Sarge, I advise: Don't give me solutions. Don't march me up & down like some Plastic chess piece pawn, And most especially! Next time I am lying on the ground, Bleeding and secretly soughing For favor, or succor, or Manna, Do me a favor, eh? Summon the Shamans And/or Curanderos, Please. The rest of them faux healers You'll find tripping all over themselves Here in mod Med America, Can just... take a hike! LOLOLOL! And for sure, there IS such a thing As... love at first sight, Or... life-changing accidents, or Beginer's Luck! :cool: </font>
  7. This problem seems quite strange to me. You ask "How far has the soldier travelled?" and the answer is "2.4 miles per HOUR he has to travel" ??? It is like asking how much a companis total sales was during a year and and answering "50 bucks per UNIT"... My Answer: "The problem has no solution". Rambo, will u give me a prize for being the first one with the correct answer? [ December 28, 2005, 07:05 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]
  8. Question is, what is the solution to all this? Morale, Ethics and Faith or... Decadence, Greed and Chaos? Another question is, what do we individuals do on our ordinary days to help steering the world into the right direction? How does our way of life affect our society and how does that society affect the world? [ November 19, 2005, 02:05 PM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]
  9. ...and Rambos longest winning streak is 1.5 games. He first win one game, and then on the second game he feels like half-winning and... RETIRES...at leist until the next week
  10. Seems the sharks start to appeare but they do not seem hungry today, LOL!
  11. Also, u might understand that cockiness is served under the unofficial laws of Gunfight engagement here in the SC community. Every right of cockiness, bragg or smacktalk must be backed up by beating Legends and other good players. Every sole doubt should be resolved on the field. Writing about a 19 games winning streak is suspectible to attract the SC sharks and trigger their bloodlust. So be warned... /Zappsweden - Swedish Hero [ October 10, 2005, 05:25 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]
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