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  1. Been watching the youtube videos of "The Great War", good stuff.... the war is 100 years + 100 weeks old now. Anyone still coming here to look for players?
  2. Wow, lots of people returning after very long breaks from the game! Been well over a year since I played till DK sent me message about a one year old post on this forums... enjoying a very nice game vs him right now. Forgot how fun this can be. Sadly I don't have WW1 Breakthrough.. seams that's what most want. Looking to start another game of SC WW1 The Great War V1.07 if anyone interested.... PBEM Email me at pjflanag@aol.com if interested.
  3. Looking to play some PBEM of older games. SC 2 Blitzkrieg v1.09 or SC WW1 The Great War - Call to Arms v1.07 I think these are the final versions of each game. Looking for mirror game, I would consider myself a average player. email me at pjflanag@aol.com if interested
  4. Looking for opponent, mirror game "Fate of Nations". Giving it a try, so expect surprises if your a pro at that 'mod'.
  5. How has the game been going for PvP? I see so few posts on this post that I'm worryed it will be hard to find players. Also why no AARs yet?
  6. Looking like I might get back into PBEM..... is the the only site people are matching up is there another site (Terif still running a site?). Ok, looking to shake some rust off.. sadly only old games (no GTO SC). SC 2 v 1.09.. Old timer at this one but very rusty or SC PTO... I'm very new to this one
  7. Does any other site orginize PC SC2 games? Example Panzerliga for SC1 and SC2?
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