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  1. I'm not sure. But the Raki I had while in Yugo was stronger, it was strong enough that i put a litre's worth into a plastic watter bottle and then wrapped the waterbottle thick with gun tape to pad it for return to Canada to show off to friends. Three weeks later, I took the bottle out of storage and went to open it, the Raki ( think local moonshine gone OJ crazy) had disolved all the plastic from the walls, it was only the gun tape holding it in. That is what we used to have straight. There were no bleeding ulcers in my company, only gaping holes in soldiers stomachs.
  2. Sergei; I don't think the Canadians would have had any appreciable effect on the outcome in 41 -42. After years ( 15 or so) of neglect ( a whole lot like today) Our forces were really only getting trained up in England. What was onhand on the continent, that we could have sent to Russia would have been but a rock in the flood against the Wermacht, and prolly would have been crushed rather quickly trying to slow up the Germans while Uncle Jo could have saved himself some good Party members for a week later. And so far as Candians running on Rye, I am sure there is a conversion kit out there that they could have used to convert anyone going to Russia to run on whatever is available on the ground, I know that when I was in Yugo, we were even drinking the Raki. Canadians are the ultimate in environmentally friendly units, we can run on whatever you give us, so long as it is at least 200 proof. Also Sergei, so far a supporting the war; It was a good war on paper, til Haliburton got ahold of it. Think about it. getting rid of Saddam Hussien, who is a runner up, in the " killed the highest number of his/ her own countryfolk". He was even more dangerous to Iraqis than the Iranian Army, or air force, or even the Iranian Navy. He needed to be removed, but that is only by a North American Perspective, the only mass murderers we tolerate on this side of the pond have to be military Commanders, like Montcalm, or Lee, or Haig. I know on your side of the pond, a couple of pits with thousands of human bodies can be found on almost every intersection.. but we're a little naive around here [ June 28, 2004, 01:25 PM: Message edited by: ErrantRecce1 ]
  3. I dunno, I thought that this thread was a great Monday treat. It's good to know that everyone is running a little slow, just like me. Shall I break out the forks with corks for us all, now or later?
  4. 1. Zappsweden 2. Zappsweden 3. Jersey John 4. Zappsweden 5. Zappsweden
  5. I did, but it seems i am having some trouble with my outgoing mail. 'Hassling my ISP to get it corrected. I apologize, i will clear this up and send the turn soonest.
  6. Sorry about that. I sent it the day before yesterday, I will send again tonight, when I get home from work.
  7. Hey Hey Wermie, I'm from Canada ( read socialism north) We Peaceloving, beerguzzling types from up here love three things : socialized health care, watching Toronto Maple Leafs Lose, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.. We know about as much about capitalism as you- - just what we watch on american imported TV... like ER and Friends. That being said, Paris Hilton is truly Capitalism embodied, and I wouldn't mind greasing her spindles, so I am with you *UC* Capitalism!! [ April 27, 2004, 10:48 AM: Message edited by: ErrantRecce1 ]
  8. I am out the door to work, I'll send you my first move in about 8 hours, when i get home.
  9. 525 This is going to be some kinda fun, just wait til I get to start sending the infantry 'over the top'!!
  10. 13808562 for ICQ for me. mail is in my info.
  11. Bidding has started at 100, 1 : 8 for the Axis by Wermie. I countered at 400 1: 8 for the Axis, knowing the power and finesse and not to mention good looks.. I am sure I will run the bidding higher, before I gain the side I want. Things are starting well for the North American coalition, well indeed.
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