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  1. Thanks Kuniworth, I liked the FireBase Bastogne, it's a shame it was cancelled
  2. Hi everyone, been away for couple months now. I had/have complete burnout of sc... I haven't been even on this forum for a long time. But I looked the topics what I have missed, and there was only couple of pages of them :eek: I hope I can soon open sc again and start playing BTW, does FireBase Bastogne exist anymore?
  3. Yes I will, if he just would have enough courage to meet me in the field... :confused:
  4. Just curious, when did France surrender (date)?
  5. I have beeing trying to contact ErrantRecce but I have got no answer... I wonder if he's scared because of that enormous bid?
  6. What? a life? What is that thing? Never heard about that thing... Oh well, whatever, I'm happy without it
  7. Ok, what the h*ll did that mean? I understood Rambo's post but could you please speak English here?
  8. ROFLMAF This is great! You can't even imagine how good laugh I had with this one Keep it up Curry
  9. No, not that I know. All the files that come from other people work just fine.
  10. ROFLMFAO! hehe, good luck for your finals. I hope to see you more on this forum.
  11. Kuniworth, the problem is quite weird. When ErrantRecce sends his turn to me, I can't download it from my e-mail. Instead it just opens the file and there's some kind of code or something. I don't have an idea to solve this problem. If anyone has any advices for this, please tell me. Thanks
  12. 1. Comrade Trap 2. Rambo 3. - 4. - 5. Immer Etwas
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