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Move over Maus

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One hears a lot about the German prototype Maus super heavy tank. Some have even wished the Maus was is CMBO or may make an appearance in a WWII CMX2 game (usually not too seriously). Why don't Allied prototypes such as the British A-39 Tortise or the U.S. T-95 or T-29 get the same attention? Is this another case of Big Cat (or Maus) envy?

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Some Links:




Note I am not wishing for these in a game. It's just that the Maus gets so much more press.

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Originally posted by Sequoia:

One hears a lot about the German prototype Maus super heavy tank.

I haven't seen a mention of it in the local newspaper lately, so you must be exaggerating. Nevertheless, I suppose it has to do with that Secret Weapons mentality all so usual among some of us. Which is understandable, as it traces all the way back to the WW2 itself: German leadership was publicly threatening to change the course of the war with wonder weapons, and one was of course inclined to trouble his mind with what all this meant.

Of course, that Maus was meant to be a 188 ton behemoth (that is, over twice as much as Tortoise or T-28) may have some bearing. Can you dig that - 188 tons? With engines of the period??? Look at the size of that thing!

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This One ?

Standing from L to R: (Iskander, jeffsmith, Lauren Smith, DaveT, Blackhorse, Madmatt, Rune, wwb_99, kking199, Tanker74, Doug Frank)

Kneeling from L to R: (Randl, USTanker, jgdpzr, Harv)

Sitting from L to R: (Junior "evils" Chris Orosz, Nick Orosz)

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As an example of what I'm talking about. See Mike Dorosh's Helvetica font thread in the general forum. Some one made homemade Maus counters for Advanced Squad Leader. They're also available for Panzer Blitz/Leader.

That's a great photo Jeff. Any one in it you care to name?

I know there's a story in Rune's post. I'd ask but I'd rather see Steve working on CMSF. smile.gif

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