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Sikhs and a Semo

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I think they came in a uniform-and-divisional patches mod that included a British and Canadian divisions. My very foggy memory thinks Dark Canuck may have done it or had some involvement with??? Not able to check my mod back-up folders cuz they’re on an exterior hard drive my son is using, and won’t be seeing him for a while.

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I took a quick look in my "z" folder and found benparks mod. Fired up a mission and had a tank crew bale out, two out of the five were wearing jerkins. Goes to show how much attention I pay to crews, probably too annoyed about the tank getting taken out. Although in my defence the modded jerkin does lack the sheen of the jerkins worn by these guys, probably a very difficult thing to achieve.

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I was nice of you guys to pitch in. I wouldn't have even noticed myself.I'm one of those people who either have tank crews hide, or I send them to the rear then forget about them.

In the meantime I think that my suggestion for the Semovente mod might be easier said than done. The actual vehicle would be OK for our modders, but then they'd have to mod the crew's uniform and voices. I don't even know how many of them the Germans pressed into service, although I expect John Kettler knows the exact amount and what the panzer crews had for their breakfast.

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