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I forgot about CMBB.  Yes that was an amazing game given its scope of the entirety of the East Front - that's why it was called "CM: Barbarossa (to) Berlin".  There were even mods to play the invasion of Poland, and I recall many Finnish mods as well.

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18 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

most of the required units were present

Ditto for 1939 Invasion of Poland.  There were mods for that (as well as mods for Op SeaLion.)  Of course in CM1 one had to remove all the original BMP's, save them someplace and then add in the mod BMP's to play.  After finishing, one had to replace all the new mods with the original BMP files to play as usual again.

It was great to play early war as it was a much more forgiving/less lethal game since it was rarely "one shot one kill".  

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