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  1. Hi all, is A Few Good Men now the only location for scenarios? I recall there being 1-2 other locations. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/
  2. So whats happening here is that you stream a video of a game to a user and when they move their mouse/press a key Steam picks that up and tells your computer to make that input. The person you are playing with will then see their movements reflected in the video stream. Importantly this means that you cannot touch your mouse/keyboard while the other person is taking an action as it will override their inputs.
  3. I count this as part of the website. THere have been times I didnt know about releases for a year or more because i hadn;t come here.
  4. @IICptMillerII I mean really the whole thing is pretty simple - I would think it would be common sense; 1. Don't call people mentally damaged 2. Maybe don't go around complaining about moral virtue signaling after you called people mentally damaged. 3. If you can do neither of those then don't make the post. 3a. If you absolutely cannot help yourself remove the beta tester tag. Because fundamentally if there are in fact these mental defectives obsessed with Combat Mission your posts will not dissuade them. However, your posts sure as hell paint Battlefront in a bad light.
  5. Yea, its more than a little frustrating as someone whose enjoyed the games a lot. I'm spending a fair amount of time in the last few days trying to help people out over on the Steam forums and put a good face on the game. I don't want to have to deal with people talking faster than they can think. lawl - so much for some humility.
  6. --------- @gallycadet Responding to some of your review's points. 1. Combat Mission compared to othe CMO/Armored Brigade: You might disagree with me but I own both along with CM and wouldn't really consider them similar at all. Just from a scale perspective CM does not replace Armored Brigade or CMO and those games do not replace Combat Mission. Armored Brigade is really good at Brigade sized engagements, hence the name, CMO is often smaller scale but also doesn't do ground combat particularly well. Essentially in either of those games you aren't going to be having a very interesting scenario involving a platoon of Mech. infantry whereas CM does. Graviteam Tactics is probably the closest, only?, competitor. The LOS system is fundamentally the same as any game out right now. Armored Brigade, Graviteam Tactics, I think CMO, Flashpoint Campaigns. You have areas that your soldier can see and then each soldier who can see that area has a chance of spotting units within their vision. If you load up Armored Brigade right now, for example, they do this and explicitly give you the %chance to spot with the LOS tool. Fundamentally I don't see why this matters? I bought War in the East to play War in the East... Maybe I'm missing something here but I just don't see what this applies to. yep I'd disagree for CM:SF. Especially as so much of it based on relatively small unit actions. I do agree that CM:BS is hurt a bit by it and primarily the limitation of map size. Specifically here CM does have a true LOS tool. Its the target command. It operates in the same was as the LOS tool in Armored Brigade except that it does not explicitly give you your %chance of spotting.
  7. They are unpaid volunteers but I'm describing the view point of people outside these forums. If you have the beta tester tag you are a de-facto representative regardless of whether Battlefront wants you to be or not.
  8. Yea the reviews have been quite good. The lowest it got that I saw was a 78% which is very respectable.
  9. Yea this sort of post is absolutely ****ing whack. Pro-tip: If you are going to lead with calling people who dislike the game mentally disturbed maybe you should stop posting here. ------ Like this is embarrassing to anyone who attempts to talk about the game in other venues. How do I go on Steam Discussion or Reddit or whatever and say "well they actually aren't huge snobs" when 3rd post literally calls them mentally unstable? Especially if your label is Beta Tester you ought to be presenting yourself better since you are de-facto a representative of the game to many people.
  10. Also remember that in hull down positions you are losing the driver's ability to spot. This is more significant in the WW2 games where you also have a 2nd man in the hull.
  11. Automatic patching Ease of install (don't need to login to BFC's website to download) Still kinda easier from a DRM perspective. This would have been a bigger win a few years ago when the Battlefront DRM was an actual pain in the ass. It now sits alongside my hundreds of other games on Steam. Specifically under my wojna filter This is actually a pretty big deal for me. Now when I'm bored I see Combat Mission right alongside Command Ops 2, Armored Brigade, Arma, Il-2, Hegemony, War in the East, etc... Previously Combat Mission was something I had to actively consider playing. As a result I tended to play other games far more often. I can remote play with folks For newer players the Steam Guides system allows the tutorial in-game! The steam guides system could also be used to more easily direct players to scenarios Ideally we would get Steam Workshop integration for scenarios which would be fantastic but we're not there yet Assuming Battlefront actually uses Steam for marketing I won't find out that a game releases months after it was published. Seriously I didn't know Black Sea was out for nearly an entire year. Yea if you are running a marginal computer then this can be an issue. I think my boot up time is literally 10 seconds... maybe less?
  12. Btw folks if you have redeemed your game on Steam be sure to leave a review. Well done reviews are important to the marketing of the game on Steam
  13. The Steam version goes into the Steam downloads folder. You have to redirect your PBEM games there. Essentially the game doesn't actually track your PBEM games and it was always reliant on you putting them in the right place. Steam changes the location so you will need to update any PBEM helper programs to use that new location.
  14. Huh, looks like someone's put the tutorial on Steam. Thats a cool use of the guides section
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