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What makes this module worth buying?

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Just finished all the sp battles as allies, I would not move on with the next battle until I won.....


A definite BUY

OUTSTANDING maps and battles, your heart will sink deep as you are chasing an enemy tank over the ridge wondering if the dust will clear in time enough for your shot to leave the tank barrel instead of his...

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They fought like lions.... No, they didn't. Lions would have told Mad Addy to "F*** Off, you Nazi plonker, and leave us in peace, the Jews never did us any harm."

In this holiday season, let us all remember that we are just grown men (mostly men?) playing w little army men and toy tanks.  No one is right or wrong in which army men they want.  

It's $35 dollars for two campaigns, a bunch of scenarios, and new units. Didn't seem like a bad deal to me. 

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On 12/21/2019 at 11:57 PM, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I've not been so methodical about it, but I'm on my fourth or fifth R2V scenario now, selected at random.....All of them have been thoroughly enjoyable, I've won just over half.

However, none of them have yet superseded 'Biazzo Ridge' (which IIRC was a stock scenario in the initial release) as my all time favourite CM:FI scenario.

Yeah, that was a good one. And I played it the first time as the US in a PBEM game. Loads of fun and nail-biting.

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