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Clock countdown

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7 hours ago, Marwek77 aka Red Reporter said:

Is it possible to reverse the clock countdown? In editor i do my plan from 00:00 to the end. But mission time goes from end to zero. Makes me crazy to remember what should happen when in reverse. Some mod for it maybe? Thanx in andvance.


1 hour ago, Ivan Zaitzev said:

In the top right corner you have a regular clock. If your scenario starts at 06:00, that's your 0 Hour.

I also use the clock in the upper right hand corner when I'm working in the scenario editor.  I keep a Word document with both the sequential scenario time and the game clock time next to each other on the left.  Then some other information.  See below.  (I xxx out some information since it was taken from a published scenario)  The two columns on the left help me to understand and remember the times.  Good luck!!

 Seq.             Clock       Can   [R]

Time             Time       Trig.    #                                                Event





Defector team at North Outpost needs transport to HLZ.  





Incident – Pre-bombardment of xxxxxxxxxxxx.





Separatist BRDM from 1st Platoon [A2] begin movement from Uhniv village to xxxxxxxxxx. 





Separatists Group unit [A6] xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 


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4 hours ago, MikeyD said:

I do believe in the decade+ that the CMx2 forum has been active you may be the first person to have made that request. :D

I am glad to be first :)

I have all CM games, so I know how editor works and where is the clock. I have many excel sheets for my missions, but I simply dislike it. It will be enough when in scenario author mode the clock will go same way how the plan is build. With 16 group plans and timing for them excel sheet is lost very quickly.

But if there is no such mod out there... I can live with it... 

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