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Is TacOps gone now?


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1 hour ago, Michael Emrys said:

I think I played just about every scenario that came with the game, some of them many times.



Me too. And some user created scenarios. There was a guy who went by the handle "RikkiTikki" who developed scenarios. Did a large amphibious assault he made up. Great fun.

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As a substitute for TacOps that I've been having a lot of fun with you might try "Flashpoint Campaigns" available from Matrix. Same general scale, better graphics. There is an add on Fulda Gap DLC as well. Scenarios and campaigns. Apologies if you are already well aware of this.

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An undocumented feature of Tacops is that a copy of an installed version will run perfectly well on another computer without needing to be installed. Before connecting USB's to office computers was banned, I used to run Tacops on my office computer at lunchtime off a USB. So if anyone has a copy of the installed version on an old PC or hard drive, it can simply be copied as is onto your newer computer.

But. There is always a but...

Tacops behaved well on every version of Windows until a recent update of Windows 10. Now, the unit selection panel does not appear during game set up, so it is no longer possible to start a new game. Saved games will load and play no problem, it is only the selection panel in set up.

Bummer, I never stopped playing it.

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9 hours ago, mmacg said:

Tacops behaved well on every version of Windows until a recent update of Windows 10. Now, the unit selection panel does not appear during game set up, so it is no longer possible to start a new game. Saved games will load and play no problem, it is only the selection panel in set up.

Strange, unit setup works fine in Wine at this time.

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I run (original military 3.1.0 18Nov2000 version (and upgrade and expansion) TacOpsCav on Linux (using wine) with no problems.

TacOps is listed (downloadable) on https://www.myabandonware.com/ . 

NOTE: There is no such thing abandonware (it is not a 'legal term'.  The unspoken for software is still copyrighted and there is no 'permission to use' it.   

NOTE2: On the other hand, MANY are ignored by copyright owners because it's keeping their otherwise obsolete software alive.   I tried to see if MAJ Holdridge donated or wanted to donate it but have not had a reply from him in over a decade.   He still owns the copyright.   He sent me a bunch of advance copies/CDs (military/gvt (and my) use) when this CD was new.  (Sorry, I can't send you a copy).

Is anyone out there still using TacOps today?

My PDF users manual in my version begins with:

With the fielding of JANUS and the Command and Staff Trainer (CST)
in 1995, the Army took a giant step towards making better use of simulation to
train more effectively. The success of the Joint Command and Staff Training
Centre located in CFB Kingston has led the Army to establish JANUS Simulation
Centres in each of our major base locations. Use of these simulations is
paying significant dividends. Commanders, staffs and soldiers at all levels
are demonstrating an increased effectiveness in employing operational planning
procedures, coordinating fire and manoeuvre and applying tactics, techniques
and procedures. JANUS and CST have permitted the Army to conduct training
at the brigade and division levels in simulation, when time and resource
constraints, as well as operational commitments, have prevented it from doing
so in the field.
In 1999, the Army purchased and distributed a Canadian version of
the computer program titled TacOpsCF, a tactical-level combat simulation
that can be run on a personal computer. The intent of this purchase was to
provide soldiers at all levels with an easy to use support tool that could be
used to teach and practice, in simulation and at the individual level, the
application of tactics, techniques and procedures. TacOps is not and cannot
provide an alternative to JANUS and CST as it lacks the level of fidelity,
particularly in terrain, offered by these simulations. TacOpsCF is, however, a
tool that, when used with imagination, will allow soldiers who do not have
access to JANUS and CST to conduct challenging, exciting and cost effective
decision making and procedural training at the unit and sub-unit level as well
as in the classroom.
The tempo of operational commitments, fiscal and resource
constraints and the expectations of our increasingly technologically literate
soldiers demand that we continue to increase and improve our use of simulation.
The intent of this volume of Dispatches will be to provide lessons learned and
advice on how to make optimum use of TacOpsCF to achieve this. In developing
this volume, we have borrowed experiences from the Army, the CF and our
US allies. It contains valuable information, and I encourage you to use this
knowledge in your efforts to constantly improve the effectiveness of our training.
J.M. Petryk
Director Army Lessons Learned Centre


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