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STUG Video

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Thanks for posting that. Though there isn't really anything new for me in the narrative, virtually all of the footage I have never seen, especially that on the eastern front and in Italy.  The footage identified as being at Salerno was particularly interesting, showing just how exposed the Allied positions were, and how dominant the German view was, if indeed it was Salerno. And as much as I've read about Cassino, I don't know that I ever knew there had been a StuG on the summit. Is this true?

I've long argued that the StuG was the most successful German armored fighting vehicle of the war, when viewed from a return on investment perspective. The StuG gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes, but in my view it's down to the fact that StuG units were asked to perform tasks they were not suited for, particularly mobile anti-tank work where the lack of a traversable turret was a serious handicap.

Do you have any more stuff like this?

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According to what I've read, Wittmann dealt with T-34s by shooting them in the vulnerable turret ring. And did you know that Brothers in Arms has a StuG III C in it? The critter exhibits the Terminator level SA and near instantaneous response that BFC belatedly began to hobble in CMx3.


John Kettler

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On 21/4/2016 at 9:44 AM, kohlenklau said:

Watching the first part of that video really gives me a hankering for early war StuG action. I recall from Wittman's bio that he started out with those short 75's.

It give me nostalgia of barbarossa to berlin!!!! Damn i loved the early war mode (love the mid a late stuffs to!) Damn i want a new barbarossa game!

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