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Mortar LOS Spotters

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New to the game and I'm sure that this has been covered at some point, but I can't find the answer to this problem. 

I have a mortar HQ in contact with it's two mortar teams. When selecting the artillary command the HQ has no LOS on the target area. However, if I use 'Target' the HQ has a bright blue LOS to the target area. It's not a command issue since the HQ does have LOS for other areas with the selected mortar team. Am I missing something?


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Forward observers need to communicate a point from a 8x8m map reference grid to the artillery unit. So no matter what LOS with the targeting tool can be traced from a spotter to a particular map spot (at 1x1m resolution), the artillery referes to the next possible 8x8m map grid point. Just select the next best strike location that sticks for the artillery unit in artillery menu and then check again with targeting tool whether the spotter still has good LOS to the general strike area. When in doubt, make a short test strike (or just watch spotting rounds, then cancel) and if necessary, relocate the spotter to a position with better LOS to the target area.

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On the same topic, but a little different: Can an on-board mortar  target a TRP, which is has no LOS too?

I thought it could, but in a current game, the guys refuse to follow my orders.

It can't target it directly by the target command, it needs to go through a spotter and the fire support menu.

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