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Bulge Thread Part Deux

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Screenshots? Yes sir...

These are NOT alphas or anything from what is coming but I am sure you see the point that this type STUFF is probably now being worked on...


Winter garments, gloves and such. Can't wait to see what they do for a hood or parka type effect. <pardon the CMFI boots..>



This is US Airborne in a greatcoat a la Bastogne....we had to rename mdr's to get this...


umlaut's Frosty the Tiger and that was just the tip of his winter wonderland line of mods he did for the Wacht Am Rapido campaign I farted out a while back. Can't wait to see what the real pro's create.


and maybe some Belgian buildings once umlaut knows if they change up the building bmp files...



My humble first vehicle mod ever and a sign mod. "Daisy" is tagged for [snow] so she only shows when it is snow on the ground, (except patchy snow!). 


and old Sloppy Joe..


Not the best rendition of Aris's Ardennes horizons but he deserves a case of vino tinto for the great stuff he has made. I can't wait to see the horizons that the pro's deliver. 


and some ambush scheme stuff? (WOKI's handiwork after 30 minutes of photoshop training.  :angry: )


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The effort to turn CMFI into a Bulge placeholder could not have been done without mjkerner. Thanks Mark!

Mark also tried some funky white coats and white gloves. For formal occasions I guess!

The below is Mark's Bloody Bucket helmet mod on Los's map/scenario "The Stand at Noertrange".


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