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I never played a CM campaign, any suggestions ?

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Only two suggestions from me.

First: Play standalones and QBs until you're past the initial 'learning while playing' stage. Its frustrating when you lose your primary German tank because you couldn't recall the command for 'pop smoke'.

Second: Have fun! Some people seem to take the game soooo seriously!

Oh, I have a third piece of advice: While playing keep in mind that the pixeltroops that you manage to kill off in battle won't be showing up next battle to help out. So try to not kill off too many all at once. :D

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My favorites:

BN: Devils Descent. What Umlaut said. This campaign has some branching paths, so for instance you get to pick if you would rather wait for reinforcement or attack an objective straight away (both choices have different consequences).

BN: Road to Montebourg. Very infantry centered, but now and again you get some armored support as well. Also, it's a whopping 16 battles long!

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