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[Released] Garden of the Iron Cross

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Played this with a slightly altered set up in that I moved the HMG over to the right to be nearer to the Infantry Gun. Also I grouped the first line trench units into 2 strong points at the head of each communications trench.

What I found was that my squads moved into their foxhole fighting positions and died within about a move without really accomplishing much. The squads on the right managed to stop the Soviet Sapper moving down the trench but got pretty beat up doing it. So by about half way through my force was looking a sorry state but the HMG had broken up the attack on the right while the gun crew lay dead around their gun.

I think that this type of scenario pushes the game engine beyond what it can handle really - trenches do not afford the kind of protection/concealment that they did in real life and I am coming to the conclusion that the only worthwhile fighting position is a wooden bunker

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So I ended up with the Germans/Soviets






and as the Germans I failed in all my missions.

What happened was that the right hand strong point fell to the forces coming down from OP Bertha but only towards the end of the game. The left hand side held out but then was pushed out of the trench into the communication trench and a counter attack by all the forces from the second trench did alright but then ran into some tanks. 6.Kompanie HQ managed to hit the tank but not to knock it out and it killed a 17 members of the counter attack squad but was in turned killed by the two remnants of 1.Squad.

6.Kompanie attacks the tank


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Obviously I am biased but I always keep my forces spread out and really enjoy how it all plays out. I have played it dozens of times and it still thrills me to see grenades being hurled and several different ways the flame throwers ended up coming into play. Then the T34's have been very exciting. Especially if you lose the panzerfausts and have to rush a team to some KIA's and try to buddy-aid the fausts back into the game. A few times the Soviets get an enfilade fire opportunity down the trench from a slightly higher spot.

It aint perfect but TO ME it beats the other trench scenarios with trenches usually just sitting up on the ground.

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I have had fun trying both ways.

At first I usually focus on the counter-attack on OP Bertha.

You are supposed to be under a steady rain of mortar fire so keeping some teams on hide could be smart.

Then I sometimes move some half-teams up into the firing pits (foxholes) to see if they can spot anyone to pick off. If the HMG or 75 has spotted anyone out in no-man's land.

I enjoy watching the sappers try to get a toe-hold.

Some AI moves are advance and some are assault so the actual AI troops sometimes crawl "slow" or sometimes are running in.

Not everyone will enjoy it or like it. Just like for me personally some massive scenarios I just get worn out on and lose steam to finish them.

The more scenarios of all different types the better. Just like women!! Giggety.

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You are welcome kendar. Thank you for downloading and playing and making a nice comment.

Getting the touch objective to OP Bertha is most usually accomplishable but you have to counter-attack quickly, intelligently and vigorously.

There are 3 sectors of the frontline trenches to occupy. Rot, Weiss and Blau.

That part can be very difficult to get 1 or 2, maybe nearly impossible for all 3.

Destroy enemy units up to 500 points. That is definitely accomplishable.

I think in real life, without trying to praise the map, there will be parts of a trench line which get constructed better than others and the defenders are better able to withstand the enemy onslaught.

A few times I have seen the sapper teams throw a "lunch box" when down in the trenches. And their longer range flamethrower has licked out with its flaming tongue.

Hint: Use Oddball's sound mod to get the best screams of agony!

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Hello, kohlenklau.

I finally found the time to play this...I did not intend to finish it in one sitting...but i did.

I got so involved in the fight that i could not put it away until it was over.

Great scenario !

- Nice to play as the defender for a change.

- Good map. Your use of trenches works very well.

- Had a nice 'russian feeling' to it with several simular infantry assults..one after the other.

- high replay value (to try and do better).

- Well made russian AI-attacks with some immersive mortar bombardments.

- Well choosen forces.

I made some early misstakes that cost me quite alot.

- I had to many of my guys in the foxholes instead of the trenches.

- My counterattack on OP Bertha failed

- I did not have my HMG possitioned very well at the start and they lost a couple of men when i had to regroup them.

Despite a bad start (including getting my gun knocked out by mortarfire) i managed to get a draw.

I held WEISE and BLAU and almost even ROT (i lost it on 'overtime').

I was able to destroy 2 enemy tanks.

52 russians killed and 20 wounded.

My own casualties counted 32 men dead and 10 wounded...Not many left, uuh...

Good scenario, Good fun........Thank you !

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Thanks Repsol for trying it and I am very happy that you enjoyed it.

I made it to be a short scenario to put pressure on the player and also to make it where folks might give it another replay since it is not so long a time investment. Try a different approach or zoom in to observe a different part of the action. I am working on a Vitebsk scenario but have been thinking to later return to this scenario and write a different version but as the Soviet attacker...

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Looking forward to your comming relases...

have been thinking to later return to this scenario and write a different version but as the Soviet attacker...

Yes...this would be intresting to try the other side and see if i can manage to overun the german possitions...

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