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Look wot I dun! [Video]

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I did it! I actually did it! WEGO (thats the minute turn-based system right?) and Iron skill level on the first mission from Road to Nijmegen Campaign!

Yes I know all of you lot have done this in half the time with double the results, but you have to understand I'm really, really bad at combat mission..

Now for the gloriousss proof:

Any improvements and or suggestions would be very welcome, I intend to keep putting combat mission videos up when I can.

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Not bad for your first time. It's like a walk-through type AAR in my opinion.

As for advice, I'd say if you are trying to be cinematic turn off unit icons, objectives, and use Rambler's Eliminate the Red Cross mod, get much more close-ups and record from interesting angles. If you are just trying to video what you are playing then you nailed it.

Personally, my favorite types of AARs are the cinematic kind but they probably take a helluva a lot more time and require a ton of editing. I guess it's 'cause I am one of those guys who likes to zoom in a lot during playbacks and watch the action up close

Good job.


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Hey, thanks for that feedback! I have used the same method of recording for part two:

Please note that part two isn't such a resounding success..

I haven't actually thought about it like that, right now recording a mission takes about just over two hours if I do it all in one big lump. I have a feeling it wouldn't actually push that time up by much if I tried to make it a little more cinematic. I'm intrigued and I think I shall give it a try for mission 3. If I find the time that is.. I am meant to be finishing my dissertation just now, god knows what will happen when RT comes out.

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Peter: I noticed that most UTube videos of military stuff, games etc. do not have ads, but yours do. How does that work? (Since I don't want to watch the ads. I don't get to see your videos. Any way to avoid em?)

Adblocker. It's great. I didn't see any ads when I had a quick squint at Peter's channel.

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Hey, I think its mostly because the military videos either are too niche of a gaming corner to have that many folks making videos and therefore gaining access to advertising revenue capability, or that they choose to keep their videos ad free. As I use my channel as something to help fund my hardware purchases while I'm still at university I tend to put advertising on all of my videos.

Installing adblock is pretty simple and immediately gets rid of about 90% of online adverts, however for people like me it does cut into our income. It is a personal choice, I keep adblock off on youtube to help the guys I like, but I have it on on most other sites apart from Rock Paper Shotgun and a few others to keep giving them revenue.

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Watching your second video Peter and cracking up!! I have just completed that mission on the sixth attempt.


I was just waiting for the AA quad to appear and see your reaction - classic! Then I wanted to see how the farm assault went - it all seemed to be going so well and then when you moved up there was a massacre.

Hearing your reaction is just like I was thinking at the same stages (shoot at it, quick, quick, before the guns turn on us, NOOOOO!!!), then on the farm assault (OK, I think I've dealt with them, let's move in - NOOOOOO!!!).

Thanks for the great AAR :)

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