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All text completely Random

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Hi guys

I just reinstalled CMBN after uninstalling it some months ago. It works ok but the stangest thing has happened....

All unit, weapon descriptions etc are completely wrong. They seem to be a random assortment of any unit name ever used in a cm2 game including several modern unit names. For example a sherman may be described as a "PZ4H Greyhound" In quick battle when I choose each side...the allies are called 'sexton' and the germans 'eagle' This is not a wind up!

It makes it rather difficult to choose a force in quick battle.

Just installing Market Garden now so hoping that will fix it but was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.....

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Thanks for the replies

I've not installed any mods just the base game. No patches either. I'm useless with computers and have always had trouble installing these games. No luck with the MG module so trying to reinstall commonwealth now to hopefully get the 1.11 patch

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venturing a guess?

1 mods. especially ones that contain the strings.txt file.

2 corrupted install. Mine goes BN+CW bundle, 1.11 patch, 2.0 upgrade, 2.01 patch, MG, 2.12 patch in sequence. (not sure if 2.01 is still needed when MG sits on top)

It is not, the 2.12 patch is all inclusive and can be applied directly over the 2.0 upgrade.

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