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  1. Just discovered the 'switch' that allows me to validate new products in the CMBN folder. Looks like I'm set. Thanks again for all your help chaps. I'll go and cancel that help ticket.
  2. Ah, thanks Sgt - I'll submit a support ticket I'll get there in the end
  3. Yes, that's worked - thanks Ian However, I don't seem to have the engine 4 Battle Pack or the Vehicle Pack installed. So, using the Full Installer for engine 4, does anybody know how I then activate the battle pack and the vehicle pack? The instructions on the Help section refer to going back to v3, which I really don't want to do as that was my initial problem Thanks again to anybody who can help
  4. In fact, I think I may have worked it out after your earlier advice, Ian. Fingers crossed. Thanks again
  5. Many thanks for your help Ian I'm being a bit dense I suspect, but from your answer I take it that do not install engine 1 or engine 2 or engine 3? I download all the files though for 1/2/3/4 but I ONLY install engine 4? thanks again
  6. Hello I've been having some real frustrations with installing CMBN. I bought engine 1 and 2 some years ago and I've just "rediscovered" the game. I've recently bought the 3/4 engines. I'm using Win10 All seemed ok until I tried to install engine 3 after patch 2.12. The install just freezes...rather, it's installing all the engine 3 folders but then it duplicates file after file in multiple Data folders. So..see below for what I'm doing, in order. Does it look correct? And thanks for anybody who can help. I'll post a help ticket if nobody is able to help here. CMBN CW bundle engine 1 1.11 patch CMBN engine 2 CMBN Market Garden patch 2.01 patch 2.11 patch 2.12 CMBN engine 3 (NB the version I've downloaded from Battlefront.com, as part of the $15 engine3/4 upgrade, seems to be 3.11, it doesn't give me the option to download/install 3.0) patch 3.12 CMBN engine 4 CMBN Battlepack CMBN vehicles pack
  7. Hello there I've just redownloaded CMBN. I'm up to engine 2, v2.11. I've also bought engine 3 and 4, waiting for those to be ready for download. My problem now is that some of the onscreen text is in a difficult to read font...with some characters rather 'pixellated'. It's readable, just not that easy. I've had a search on here and everything about fonts appears to be a few years old. Can anybody please advise if there's some way of altering the font? Many thanks
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