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  1. Hi guys I've just downloaded market garden and although I'm having great fun with it, there is still a problem which I was hoping would have been fixed by now.... British paratroopers still seem to be armed with about 75% sten guns. While everybody loves an SMG this seems a little over the top to me. I've tried to do some research into how a para section was armed and it seems on paper only the NCO's carried stens, the rest rifles/bren, although each battalion was allocated a large pool of extra stens. Now this in itself wouldn't be such a major problem if it weren't for that fact that my
  2. Thanks for the replies I've not installed any mods just the base game. No patches either. I'm useless with computers and have always had trouble installing these games. No luck with the MG module so trying to reinstall commonwealth now to hopefully get the 1.11 patch
  3. Hi guys I just reinstalled CMBN after uninstalling it some months ago. It works ok but the stangest thing has happened.... All unit, weapon descriptions etc are completely wrong. They seem to be a random assortment of any unit name ever used in a cm2 game including several modern unit names. For example a sherman may be described as a "PZ4H Greyhound" In quick battle when I choose each side...the allies are called 'sexton' and the germans 'eagle' This is not a wind up! It makes it rather difficult to choose a force in quick battle. Just installing Market Garden now so hoping that will fi
  4. Its prolly cause they are REMF's and have never been shown how to fire a weapon.
  5. It's about as likely as seeing a COD civil war game.... If any series is suitable for this era its the Total war series, and even that is not entirely suitable.
  6. I'm very much looking forward to OMG, just hope they have a campaign for the 1st Para brigade (surely they will?) Out of interest, will the first AB carry less stens? Dont get me wrong, I love an smg as much as the next man, but the current paras seem to carry two stens to every lee en' and hose off all their 9mm in no time at all, and of course the vehicles carry hardly any. Anyone know how a standard para platoon was armed during OMG? Im guessing one bren, 3 stens, 6 lee en's or summat per squad would make sense I too agree that CM should really stick with ww2. The only alternative I
  7. Another Interesting 'what if' this one. To be honest if for whatever reason (obviously would never have happened) the russians were out of the war by the start of '44, I cant see what the allies could have done short of trying to bomb germany into submission for several years. Could overlord ever have even got off the beaches without the eastern front? not likely IMO. If they had somehow gained a strong foothold in normandy, maybe they could have held it, but could they have broken out? considering how much trouble it was in the event, I cant really see it being possible against an army 3
  8. Ok so the general consensus seems to be that OMG was a fairly harebrained scheme relying to heavily on too many uncertainties. So what about the alternatives? What if all available resources had been diverted to Pattons third army to continue his hitherto unstoppable rampage across western Europe? Could the war have been shortened considerably? Although many British and some US commanders viewed Patton with a degree of scorn, many of their German counterparts had him mdown as one of, if not the, outstanding panzer army commander of the war (a subject on which the Germans were undoubtably th
  9. On this subject, does anyone have an accuratee figure for german casualties in the Arnhem area? Wiki states 2500 but Urquart states in his book "the Germans were openly admitting to taking 7500 casualties in the area" the latter figure seems more likely to me considering the 1st AB were a gang of bloodthirsty killers and the Huns were in a race against time to crush the bridgehead
  10. This really stumped me this one. Having read a lot of accounts of the americans in WW2, the first time I read a book written by a british soldier I was a bit miffed as to why the huns, sorry, krauts had abandoned their MG42's in favour of old world war 1 guns when fighting the british....
  11. Nothing to do with the game this one, but this forum seems to contain some of the best WW2 minds on the interenet so was just wondering what the experts thought about this subject. So the general consensus I've found is that market garden was destined for failure before it started....But could it ever have acheived success if things had been done differently? What if the army corps either side of xxx corps had pushed hard aswell? What if the 82nd and guards armoured brigade had made an immediete dash for arnhem after nijmegen bridge fell? What if the huns hadn't found the full operationa
  12. I have often found the last member of an AT crew to be virtually invincible to point blank smg fire and grenades
  13. I've been thinking a realistic way to nerf the SS ├╝ber fighting capabilities would be that when you occupy a village with them you should have to watch them go through the laborious process of rounding up all the women and children, putting them in a barn and burning it to the ground thus giving the allies a chance to catch you off guard with a counter attack. Of course then any SS men captured by the allies following said massacre would be lined up and machine gunned costing the allies valuable time in exchange.
  14. I agree that there should be more large scale surrenders during battles. The morale of green troops only seems to be effected by casualties or suppression, not by finding enemy soldiers directly in their flank or rear. I would imagine that IRL poor quality troops who have taken a beating would quite happily surrender in platoon or company strength on discovering that the enemy has got behind them. I also find the AI has to be virtually annhialated before a battle is won. You can of course get round this with the ceasefire button but IRL a battalion on the attack would be mad to contiue its
  15. There has to be an officer and a radioman in the team as far as I know
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