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Heuman lock bridge >> tactics ???

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Has anyone found a working tactic for the Heuman lock bridge ??


I have been able to suppress the bunker with snipers and eliminate thge AT gun with mortar. But the MGs in the buildings are almost immune to suppressing fire. And I jsut have 3 round of smoke ....

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This is a tough map. I barely got the bridge and had very little man power left to take the remaining objectives. It does not seem there is enough of anything to take all of the objectives: Not enough time, not enough men and not enough firepower. I felt a bit rushed. I think maybe I could have done better with more time. But those MGs are brutal. I don't think I could have gotten as far as I did with anything other than Airborne (or Paras!). :(

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I played this today RT with the losers' 3-hour time limit (I can't see how this campaign is possible RT with the time limits and challenges posed, but then perhaps I'm just not very good at the game!).

Even with 3 hours, which is bags of time, this is a challenging scenario due to the balance of forces and the terrain.

This is how I did it:

Use the two starting position farms/buildings as fire bases and suppress the two 2/3-storey buildings over the canal and the bunker in front of it with everything you've got. Aim for the upper storey of the buildings.

Eventually you should knock out the bunker.

Once the suppression is OK, and I check this by moving a scout team or two towards the bridge to see how much MG42 fire they draw, leapfrog a couple of sections along the left-hand side of the road towards the bridge.

You may receive fire from the ATG on your right flank at this point, but if you place your mortar and a fire team with LMG in or near the buildings on your left flank, you can suppress this or even knock it out.

Once you're under the embankment in front of the bridge put bags of fire down on the building behind the bridge and send a team to blow a hole in the wire just in front of the bridge.

Once that's done you've cracked it. Just use bounding overwatch to bring up the other sections and clear the buildings and trenches from left to right starting from the 2-storey building as you look at the map.

The key is suppressing the two HMGs in the upper stories of the main buildings and the ATG, and then getting the infantry in close enough to get across the bridge.

It was very tough though, and I definitely had to reload a few times!


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Managed a Minor win 1st time.

As described by others you need to split squads up and short bounds and hide... Split the forces as described by Russkly and use one to suppress the locations (the right force) and the left force get to canal and you have cover until you need to cross the bridge.

I only managed to get two of the 3 VL's and that was enough to get Minor.

Bloody annoying the amount of men I lost and I am hoping that will not bite me later...

But so far no re-boot.

Key to open ground is short sprints and hide with people behind putting down suppressing fire.

I would guess pretty much like RL in a situation like this you will lose men, lots of men..

BTW the 81m Arty I had forgotten about and did not use until later but did little on the trenches..

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Played WEGO with 2 hour limit. Split all my squads and put ALL the LMG units in the upper floor and piled on fire on the bunker and upper floors of enemy buildings. That eventually KO'd the bunker and kept any enemy MG's suppressed. When the ATG appeared, my mortars and direct fire kept it suppressed till it died.

Meanwhile all the SMG teams leapfrogged to the bridge. It didn't occur to me to blow the wire. They were able to simply run around it and onto the bridge. After that it should be easy to mop up as you are on the enemy's unprotected flank. They surrendered well b4 end of scenario.

IIRC the MG was useless. I don't recall it being able to fire from the upper floor of the buildings. But, I may be remembering it wrong.

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