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Hi, I'm trying to get into creating campaigns but would love to make them as good as what some of you guys have been doing.

Could someone point me in the direction of the software people are using to create the briefing images, the tactical, strategic and operation artwork/maps please as I've looked high and low and seem to be really struggling with finding the best software to use.

Also, I'd like to keep my icons on the images in keeping with what people are using.



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JonS as part of the release of CMBN MG did a great tutorial on writing scenarios and one part is about "brieifings and imagery".

Please check it out...


good luck on your project.

Wow thanks!

I've spent maybe 2 days on and off trying all kinds of search terms but didn't spot a lot at all to work with. I was getting to a point in thinking I'd have to almost reinvent the wheel hehe.

I have made 1 .btt scenario but realised details weren't quite right, such as compass direction and finer points like that but I think it should be polished up for anyone to try soon.

The campaign I'd like to make will be semi historical, I think I need to work up to the accuracies of some of you guys but I'm loosely basing it on an article I read about how the 82nd Airborne, some of them were a little split up with some landing on one side of the Germans and some on the other.

Anyway thanks again :)

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Maybe start small with just a single scenario?

I was gonna do this but I figure maybe you could do it instead if you feel gutsy.

Start a thread and call it "Scenario Design DAR: <82nd Split Up Scenario>"

Or whatever your actual scenario title is gonna be inside those <> arrows...

Use JonS's guide and write the scenario in the thread with lots of posts and screenshots, folks will step in and make helpful suggestions and provide tips it could really help you out and get others to start writing scenarios.

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You can download for free from Adobe CS2 Photoshop - just register to get it.

I wanted to point out to everyone that Adobe is *not* giving CS2 away for free. Even the article linked above opens with a statement to that effect and then shows you how to go a head and take it anyway.

Adobe have been very clear this is for legitimate CS2 license holders (i.e. those that paid actual $ for it) to be able to continue using CS2 even after Adobe turns off their license enforcement severs.

I make no other comment or judgement - just make sure you are informed about what you are doing when you follow the link.

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I've also just uploaded the master operational and strategic maps used for the Market Garden official scenarios to the Repository. They should be available later today.

EDIT: It's up. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?p=1478713#post1478713


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