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Transport a split squad in a truck. It is useful as you can order their deployment prior their dismount.


Dismount the squad and split them. Give the truck a movement order and press pause. Units will mount a paused truck but won't dismount if given a dismount order. This feature stops the unit from combining into a single squad.


Final overview.


This technique works with all transport vehicles in CM. I found it useful with APC as the squad at times acts as a gunner too. Now you can keep a two men team in the APC to act as a gunner. 


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Snipers during an engagement let him do his thing in the background and he won't let you down. Find him good concealment and as in real life keep a log of how he got his kills. Best don't over micromanage him.



2 seconds difference between the screenshots. I give him the credit as no sound was observed. He survived a 25-pounder barrage, 75 mm HE but not a single .303 round. 


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On 9/12/2013 at 5:20 AM, Bil Hardenberger said:

Blog Update: I just posted the procedure on how to get a tank into a good hull down position.





Is nice and intructive sometimes to come back to older posts, thank you Bill to take times to also explain in details this one and many many others !



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The biggest problem with any attempt to get a "hull-down" position is that many times, the vehicle goes from "partial hull-down" to "no LOS" without achieving the ideal "hull down" position.  I have spent lengthy periods of time moving a vehicle a tiny distance (a meter or less) this way and then that way and it's too often impossible to get "hull down".


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