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New unit base mod

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Nice to have new options. Thanks...

One of the biggest problems (often) is actually locating WIA and KIA men so to give buddy aid (or grab weapons). Any way to get WIA and KIA bases flash or more visible?

I'm using the big red cross for WIA, which works for me. If you want something that I think pops up out more for WIA then I recommend getting Bil's mod to get that icon he made which is red circle with white cross. He also has a more visible casualty cross. For KIA I’m using big dark red skull-n-cross bones. For brighter try the high vis one’s on the repository (sorry author escapes me at moment) You can get those icons if you like, and make your own custom set such as Arrows (green& yellow), Bil’s WIA (red), and High vis KIA (dark red).

Speaking of options I did experiment with various other shapes that I can repackage into the zip if anyone is interested in trying. They include a bright pentagon, bright hexagon, bright hollow bullet, and bright solid bullet. Of all I liked the arrow the best, but some others may prefer the experimental other ones I made. Anyone want to try these too? I suppose I did not include originally to keep it more simple with what I felt was the best one I made.

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Looks like an improvement :)

Will it work in CMBN?

It works with all CMx2 games. I uploaded to few places because i am not sure who looks where for mods, and there is no single reopostory catigory for mods that work with more than one game.

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I just updated the mod to include all the alternate shapes I experimented with such as pentagon. Also, I included two more arrow styles that are extra thick bright, and faded. The latest is up at GaJ's, and should be up at repository soon.

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Yay! I was gonna ask....

I figured why let everything I made go to waste, and give you guys more options to choose from. Also, for guys that like max visability at the expense of having a bit more base under the unit I thought it a good idea to include some extra thick arrow styles to try.

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